Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fixing to start the 40 day challenge...

In 2008 I was diagnosed with Cronhs Disease and in effort to control flare ups I went on a strict diet, pretty close to the Maker’s Diet by Jordan Rubin.  During this time I lost 75ish pounds in just a few short months!  I was also walking/jogging/running at least 4 times a week as well. 

Since getting pregnant with Benjamin, all of my Cronhs symptoms disappeared.  A lot of times pregnancy hormones suppress Cronhs symptoms and at times can even reverse the damage.   I have not had 1 symptom since February of 2009!  Because all of the symptoms were gone and I was pregnant and very over emotional and a little crazy I slowly started going back to the old way of eating and not exercising and during the course of my 1st pregnancy gained a HUGE amount of that weight back!  I ate tons of fast food, didn’t exercise at all and basically just sat back prego and became a big ole fatty!  (I know pregnant isn’t fat, however I gained much more than necessary so fat is the correct term)  in just 2 short weeks I have already lost all of my 2nd pregnancy weight but now have to work on what is left over from pregnancy #1.  Since my kids are 1 year and 10 days apart I really didn’t have time to really work on getting off the first weight gain before starting to gain with #2! 

Anyways my husband and I have decided to go back on the Makers Diet.  I am not someone who believes in crash diets or really diets in general.  Diets are great ways to loose weight however as soon as you go off the diet you generally gain the weight back.  It has to be a lifestyle change!  The Makers Diet is a great way of eating healthy not just as a crash diet but as a way of living! 

Today I am preparing our lists and getting ready and tomorrow is shopping day and Saturday is our day to start! I want to be healthy! I felt better, had no allergies or any other health problems when following this plan!  I will try to update weekly with our progress!  My goal over the next year is to lose a significant amount of weight (not ready to expose just how much because that would lead to just how very much I weigh, haha) and overall health!

The plan starts with a 40 day challenge!  Look for updates, pics and great progress reports!   

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