Friday, December 31, 2010

Good bye 2010!

2010 is at an end and it has been a very eventful and rough year for our family! Looking back over the past year I can see how blessed we have been, how precious life is and how everything can change in the blink of an eye!

January through March we were very blessed! The hubs got to stay home with the monkey and I all week and only had to work weekends!  We got to spend lots of time loving our new addition, each other and having a blast! On our 1st anniversary in March we found out we were expecting baby # 2!  We were ridiculed quite a bit for having two babies so close together but we were excited and knew it would all work out!    

In April we spent most of the month in the hospital with monkey! He developed osteomyelitis (a staph infection he got from his 4 month immunizations) We were in the hospital for 3 weeks! Benjamin had 2 surgeries (leaving 3 narley scars) 2 blood transfusions, tons of prayers on his behalf and a mighty God on his side that brought him through healthy and whole! The doctors were surprised how well he did! He could have easily died but God had a bigger and better plan!!!

In May I took on a part time job for the summer to help with the finances and let daddy play Mr. Mom 4 days a week!  They had tons of fun going to the zoo, playing and bonding!

In July our worlds were turned upside down when my Aunt Sharon who was a flight paramedic in Fort Davis Texas was killed in a plane crash along with 5 other people.  She was an amazing woman and literally gave her life to help others!

In August we found out the hubs was going to be getting deployed sometime in early 2011!

In September I once again became a stay at home mom because I have such a super amazing husband! Our house got broken into and that’s about it!

In October I had a super awesome baby shower! We officially changed churches, a decision we had been trying to make happen for the entire year! We have been very blessed through this change and are looking forward to growing and getting more involved in 2011!!! Edmond Campus! We love it!!!

In November our Monkey turned 1!!!! And 10 days later our baby girl was born!  Got to bring Cloee home from the hospital on Thanksgiving day and our lives will never be the same again! We also decided 2 kids is all we are gonna have and feel great and at peace with that decision! God has blessed us greatly with 2 super beautiful children and I really couldn’t ask for more!!!
In November we lost on of our long time family pets Gidget.  She was a 32 lb black wiener dog who was around 10 years old! She has cancer but lived along, happy and very pampered life!!!

In December I had to take our 11 year old german shepherd wolf mix to be put to sleep due to heart failure.  He had heart problems ever since he got sick after being bit by a yucky tic several years back.  That was one of the hardest things I ever had to do!  We had an amazing Christmas with both of our children and great times with family even though the kids and I passed around the HORRIBLE stomach bug!  We also learned Deployment is coming sooner than we had expected.

Throughout 2010 I have been peed on, pooped on and puked on more times than I can count and I’ve gotten used to it and luckily those things don’t make me sick any more!  Haha! Im sure 2011 will bring double the amounts of accidents since there are now 2 of them!

I know 2011 is going to be one of the hardest years ever with deployment etc. but we have a mighty God who protects and has a plan and we will make it through stronger and better than ever!  Cant wait for the new year!!!!   Bring it on!!!

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