Friday, December 3, 2010

Making adjustments....

It has been a crazy week of adjusting, adjusting and more adjusting!  Today we have been home for 1 week and 1 day and it has felt like an eternity!!!  Last night was the 1st night that Cloee didn’t seem to have day/night confusion. 

Tuesday night was so awful that on Wednesday I called my parents and begged them to come and get Benjamin for their day trip to the lake so I could sleep when Cloee did!  Luckily I have the MOST amazing parents and they love spending time with Benjamin!  Benjamin is papas buddy! That’s all he wants to say these days… Papa Papa Papa! I know papa eats it up!!!  I slept for 3 and a half hours with Cloee that day then Daddy got off early so sleeping was over haha but I’d much rather spend time with him them sleep! I only have him home for a few more months after all! 
Post-Partum Hormones are horrible! Some days I just cry for nothing and then cry for hours other days everything is perfect and no problems! Poor Hubs of course he always gets the brunt of the craziness!

On Wednesday night I thought I was going to lose my mind when at 430am I was still wide awake! She seemed to sleep ALL day long, only to wake up long enough to eat, and during the night would want to eat constantly and as soon as she would fall asleep, I would lay her down and she would start crying within 5 minutes.  By 3am I started crying and im pretty sure I cried for at least an hour straight!  Finally at 430 I woke up daddy (didn’t do it earlier because I knew he had to work and needed his sleep) and said you have to take her so I can at least sleep 3 hours before Benjamin wakes up!  Graciously he did and I got a tiny bit of sleep!!!   Then I just survived until Benjamins nap time! Luckily Cloee sleeps a lot and just happens to sleep when he does so I take advantage of that time and sleep right with them!!!
Thursday Morning I was just fixing to feed Cloee when I noticed a wretched smell reeking from my little monkey only to look over and see the dreaded poop coming out of the top of the diaper!!!  So I took him to his room and cleaned him up and started his laundry!!! Incidentally since I had a c section I am not supposed to be picking him up for 2-4 weeks.. haha yea right! How the heck is that supposed to work lol!  Gotta pick him up to put him in bed, get him out of bed put him in this high chair etc.. It hasn’t been to bad and I have been trying to limit it but really I am a stay at home mom with a hard working husband who works all day EVERY day and I have a 1 year old that needs attention love and care that I am not going to deprive him of! (don’t worry I’ve been careful, but you gotta do what you gotta do ya know)  Anyways after I got him all cleaned up I sat down and started feeding Cloee, Benjamin was playing with his toys when I noticed he seemed to be eating something and making funny faces!  I looked down to realize that I had missed a plop of poop from his blow out that had fallen to the floor!  OMG!  I put Cloee down and of course she started screaming and had to clean out his mouth, his hands, face and everything else OMG! Sooo nasty!!!  The day was full of sleepiness but joy in being able to have and play with such beautiful children! 

I decided it would be smart for me to go to sleep when Benjamin did at 8 and get sleep while I could and while daddy was awake to deal with anything that arose!  I went to sleep expecting another long miserable night that would begin in just a few hours and much to my surprise the night went great! She woke up at 1030, 2 & 6 to eat and went right to sleep after each time! Thank God!!!  I pray that trend continues and her day night confusion is all straightened out!!!! 

Looking forward to a great day with my 2 wonderful children and praying for her to continue to sleep at night!!!! (pics to come later!)

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  1. I am SO nervous to have 2 children instead of just 1! HA! I am praying for you girl! <3 ya!


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