Thursday, January 26, 2012

160 cal dinner creation!

So today has been crazy! Princess had another BAD night of teething and overall I got 3 hours of sleep! Not more than 1 at a time! Boo! On a good note when she and peanut decided to be wide awake at 530am I did 30 mins of Zumba! So the day got off to a good healthy start!  Breakfast went well then steroid hunger hit and I had some grapes then succumbed to animal crackers.  I thought oh 1 serving is only 130 calories no big.. then before I knew it 1 serving turned into 2! Boo! Then to top it off because I was SOOOOO tired I decided I couldn’t last any longer without some strong caffeine and gave into the Green Straw!  Since I am now dairy free I had to do soy which has more calories so my need for caffeine cost me 330 calories!  Good grief!  So since I had pretty much wasted a good portion of my calories needlessly I needed a LOW cal dinner so I got creative.  Heres what I came up with…

Usually I HATE jarred spaghetti sauce but this flavor was super yummo!  
I just browned up this can of Chicken Breast then added sauce and simmered and a added a lil garlic powder!
160 Calories! Heck yes! For my kids I served with pasta but for me I ate as is and I was surprised!!!  Next time I’m gonna try it with zucchini!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I would never think to used the canned chicken breast! You SAVED me this deployment! I hate cooking for one, but man- this is going to be so great and one of my new favorites I'm sure!


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