Monday, January 30, 2012

Zumba Fitness Review and Some Fun Motivation

I am proud of myself for this past week! Today I have been doing Zumba Fitness for 1 week and I am LOVING it!  I have had several people ask me if its worth the price and I have to say YES! The Exhilarate series has 7 dvds, so far I have only done 2 and both are awesome! I actually find myself excited to work out.  Today while cleaning house I caught myself shaking my hips a lil while doing everyday things like laundry, sweeping etc! I cant even begin to tell you how much more energy I have and how much better I feel.  
I have been watching my calories every day.  Most days I have stayed right where I need to be, a few days I went a little over but burning 600 calories during a Zumba work out kinda offset it!
I have been planning out each day in advance so I know what to expect, where to decrease or increase calories as needed.  Today I knew I would be eating out so I adjusted and planned accordingly and had a yummy lil splurge with some chips and salsa without going over my calories!  Yay!

Along with Zumba and Calorie counting I have found that little motivations help. 
I found this cute little idea on Pinterest and came up with my own!  Each marble is worth half a pound and it is very motivating to be able to move the marbles over and see the shift take place!

I also have a before pic on my fridge and on the bathroom mirror, I keep my scale in the kitchen and have a pair of the jeans I want to wear hanging in a visible spot in my room.  Once my hubs gets home I wont be displaying the before pics or the jeans so visably but at this point every little motivating tool is a part of my success!

Lets not forget Pinterest!  I love to browse the ‘fitness’ section and pin motivational sayings, exercises, healthy foods etc! Check out my Motivation Board Here

Come back Wednesday for my Weight loss Wednesday update! 

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