Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weight loss Wednesday and Zumba Fun

Its Wednesday! I haven’t done Weight loss Wednesday in 2 weeks because of all the drama but I am back to it and excited to be on track!  Over the past 2 weeks everything has been crazy with my hospital visit for what looks to have been a mild Cronhs flair up and all the steroids and crap that followed.  Surprisingly I have not gained any weight.  I kinda went up and down for a few days but am now back down to where I was at the end of my crazy diet.  27.8 total lbs gone!  16.2 lbs to go to get to my before Monkey weight! 

Since it seems that Cronhs is trying to rear its ugly head again I am working on getting back to my ultra-healthy Cronhs Friendly diet.  When I had a bad flair 3 ½ years ago I changed my diet drastically and the symptoms subsided and I lost a ton of weight and got healthy all at the same time. 
The biggest thing to cut is Dairy because it aggravates my symptoms more than anything.  You would probably be surprised how many things actually have hidden dairy in them.  For the most part my diet now consists of Veggies, Fruit and Meat.  There are a few other things like eggs, certain oils, condiments, beans, nuts etc.  But no refined sugars or dairy and VERY limited pastas, grains and only green tea and water to drink etc…

I am very excited to be doing Zumba!  I actually ordered the complete Zumba Exhilarate program and it’s awesome! Right now I am still trying to conquer the step by step dvd.  Its crazy!  I always thought I had good rhythm till attempting these moves!  I do great until they pick up the pace to super-fast then OMG! For some reason the Merengue 6 step is crazy hard for me lol! Practice makes perfect! I love that in the 55 min Step by Step DVD you burn 598 calories!

I am also excited that my hubs and I are going to be doing the OKC Autism Piece Walk/5k in May to support one of my sweet super mom friends who has a little boy with Autism.
This will be my first 5k and in about a month I am going to be starting couch to 5k!  I am excited to get to start running again after 3 back to back pregnancies and also excited to be able to support such a great cause.

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