Sunday, January 1, 2012

Painful choices

So tonight as I made my very low cal dinner I was quickly reminded that there is a high price to pay to achieve huge goals and I am completely willing to pay a stiff price in order to get where I want!  It's new years and this day is often filled with great intentions, lofty goals and plans that often are forgotten in a few weeks!  But that is not the case here!

At the beginning of December as I was filling out our Christmas cards I was utterly disgusted and far beyond embarrassed to be sending out this pic to friends and family! Each envelope I stuffed I looked at the picture and my eyes were drawn to how fat my legs were and the anger grew! Yea I just had 3 back to back pregnancies but even before that I was still about 40 lbs overweight!   In our family pic session the hubs and I had pics made together and I cant even stand to look at them bc I look so fat! Don’t say oh your not fat etc.. but the plain truth of it is I am! Like I said in a previous post no need to candy coat it any more.  

There comes a point, like I've said before, where you actually say it's time to change and you actually do it. Through out December I watched my calories and lost 16 lbs of course Christmas and the loading phase of my diet caused its usual weight gain and I gained 7 or 8 back...  But those few pounds came with a heavy price and they taught me a very valuable lesson!
This past week I have strictly followed my diet and now 21.8 lbs down from where I was at the beginning of December!
Point being, this quest for health and weight loss is not a new years resolution nor a goal that I take lightly it's a serious life change... No going back!

Tonight for dinner I had a fried egg wrapped in lettuce and some strawberries!
Was it good? Eh it was ok. But it was worth it and when I wake up and step on the scale and even see just a fraction of a pound gone its beyond well worth it! Every morning I am taking joy in seeing a number that I will happily never see again!
No it's not easy but it is doable and if you really want it bad enough to do something about it its completely possible!

I AM changing my life one decision a time! 


  1. Not sure a fried egg is a great choice - have you tried the egg beaters yet? I love them & you can make a tasty breakfast burrito with the southwest flavor wrapped in the low carb soft shells wraps. They are in the same spot as all the burrito & taco wraps. Everyone gets a little crazy with exercise & fitness in the horrible 8 weeks that make up Nov/Dec. I too gained 7 pounds back. I booked myself with my old personal trainer 8 - 1 hour session twice a week to get a jump start back. Just remember moderation is key. it took you how long to put on that weight? It'll take at least that plus more to get it off & keep it off. Keep going 21 pounds is AWESOME!

    My Pinterest board I love:

    Goodluck and I can't wait to see how much more you accomplish!

  2. Amanda,
    actually i haven't ever tried egg beaters. Egg beaters are not approved for this diet nor for the makers diet which i will be following after. The only real difference besides the fact that they have a few less calories is with out the yoke it takes away the cholesterol, which im not worried about. :) Egg beaters actually add unspecified 'flavor and spices' which heaven knows what that means, along with added sweeter that is used to make candy. So i prefer the 1 egg that is chocked full of protein and all natural :) I think the 'fried' part thorws people off but actually it was just cooked in a pan with no butter or oil until done.
    Ive also looked into low carb tortillas, though they have less carbs than regular tortillas they still have quite a few unneeded carbs and i actually prefer the taste of lettuce wrapped things over those.

    about loosing weight quickly, i don't know if you have ever been overweight before, as in more than 50 lbs over weight, but if so you would know that it actually comes off faster at the beginning bc of the amount of excess weight. Its just the way it works. Eventually it will level off and be more of a slow steady weight loss.

    The diet i am doing now is drastic, and dr approved. Its a great way to reset my weight set point and requires a VERY LOW CALORIE plan as well as very specific foods that I am able to eat with in a given day.

    After the initial 40 days is over I will still be staying away from unneeded carbs like tortillas, potatoes, breads, pastas etc..
    Whats right for one person isn't necessarily right for another. As for me going 'crazy' as you say, it is needed and the only way.

    Thanks for your support and advice I will check out your pinterest! Love love love me some pinterest inspiration!

  3. Glad to hear you are using a Dr approved diet- sorry if it seemed I was bashing in anyway that was not my intent. I too do mostly natural egg whites- leave at the yoke. I am not big on cutting carbs because then I go all crabby & mean-lol Like you said what works for one never really works for another. But I love that you are sharing becasue heaven knows we can all use good healthy advice about nutrition.
    I was about 40 pounds over weight at one point after baby number four- I said enough! I was always super active & fit until babies arrived very quickly grouped together.
    I actually went through the ISSA certification course for Personal trainers so I could learn better how my body works as I exercise. It's really opened my eyes to what I thought was helping that might have been hurting.
    Goodluck on your journey & Happy New Year!

  4. Pics, pics, pics!!! Inspire me... :)

  5. Awesome job so far! Keep up the good job! I love all of the quotes you included with this, especially the first one. So true!
    Good luck! Your positive outlook is inspiring!

  6. Hi! I'm new to your blog ((I came over from Makin' Plans)). I'm trying to lose 30 Lbs of baby weight and I just wanted to say you are doing GREAT!!

    I'm doing calorie counting and P90X {{not as fun as it sounds}} Keep up the good work!!


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