Friday, October 29, 2010

Breaking Addictions... Help needed!

Wednesday was goodbye to the bottle day!  I wanted my little monkey to be bottle and binky free before my little Tutu comes.  With only 25 days to go we are a little over half way to accomplishing that goal!  I was a little nervous about getting rid of the bottle and didn’t know when to do it, how do it etc, so I sought out advice of other mothers I know.  I always do ‘mom polls’ on facebook and ask all my mom friends for advice and then I usually take a little bit of this and a little bit of that and make it my own!  Someone had a great thought of getting rid of the bottle well before Cloee comes so he won’t associate missing his bottle with a new baby.  So I decided I would go Cold Turkey, like many of my friends had done, and it was simply painless!  Benjamin didn’t even care that his formula came via sippy cup instead of the bottle and I am so glad!  I firmly believe you have to get rid of those things before they are really old enough to form serious habits. 

Next week we are going to tackle the Binky! I’m sure it won’t be quite as painless because he is already greatly attached to it.  Luckily he has only been using it for sleep for the past month and a half.  He never has it if he is not in bed going to sleep, however if he is sleeping and he wakes up and can’t find it he will cry and I will have to get up and go find it before he will go back to sleep so I’m not quite sure how well this one will go over.  I am not one to let them cry it out so I don’t know that I am mentally ready for the battle that might take place.  If you have any ideas, advice, success stories etc please share.  I refuse to let Benjamin have the binky when he is over 1 year old! And he turns 1 in 15 days!!!!!  

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