Thursday, October 14, 2010

Somedays its okay to just be lazy

Today is one of those days where I decided just to sit back and let the laziness take over!  Looking around the house I can see that the dishes need to be done, laundry needs to be washed, the floor needs to be swept and the bathroom needs some attention as well.  However, today I looked down toward the floor, only seeing my huge belly, and said I’m 34 ½ weeks pregnant and I’m tired and I deserve a lazy day!
Every day I get up early with Benjamin, cook an awesome breakfast before hubs goes to work and from then on am a busy bee. Cleaning, doing laundry and being a good wife that cooks dinner just about every night and takes care of everything around the house (except trash and lawn) so that my hard working hubs doesn’t have to worry about anything when he comes home after a long hard day of work.  I don’t think my hubs has ever had to eat left overs since we got married! Pizza yes, leftovers nope!  (however he does take left overs to lunch sometimes but  just not for dinner) I always hated when my dad and I would ask what was for dinner and my mom would say ‘leftovers’! Though she had an excuse she worked full time out side of the home.  Being a stay at home mom I believe it is my responsibility to keep the house clean, cook meals etc but sometimes its okay just to sit back and have a lazy day and that’s just what I am gonna have! Already enjoyed 1 nap with my monkey this morning and its nearing nap time again and I think I shall join him again!  5 ½ weeks till Cloee comes! Better get all the lazy days I can get now because once she gets here they will be few and far between!  Take time every once in a while to just relax, let the chores wait and just put your feet up and watch your babies play! 

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