Sunday, October 31, 2010

Full of Regret!

Have you ever done anything you wish you could take back?  Ever done something so regrettable that you look at yourself in the mirror and can barely live with the decision you have made?  Ever try to get ready for the day and have a breakdown full of regret and sorrow?  Well… I am there! I did the most stupid, regrettable, horrible thing and there is NOTHING I can do to fix it except wait for time to heal the wounds of despair!  What is this despicable thing you ask, and how can I write such a dreadful blog? Well let me tell you the story (don’t worry its short)…

For weeks I have needed a change.  I have been so depressed about the current state of feeling like an overly large beached whale.  Each week the feeling gets worse when I have to go to the doctor and see the large number there on the scale (luckily last week I could no longer see the numbers on the scale).  So one day while the hubs was at work and the baby was sleeping quietly I looked in the mirror and decided that I wanted to change one thing that I had the power to change so i got out the scissors and decided I wanted my bangs back!  I had been asking my mom to trim them for weeks but when we have been together I never thought about it.  I slowly began to chop the inches away (obviously having NO idea what i was doing) pretty soon I had crossed the point of NO return! I have always liked the swoopy bang look, but cut a little much for the swoop to work and ended up with the school girl straight across look! OMG NO I won’t post pics it’s too awful!  This is my regret! No matter what I do I cannot fix it!  I look in the mirror and about cry and know that only time can heal this wound.  Hopefully by the time Cloee comes they will be long enough to at least be somewhat fixed by a professional! Hahaha I know totally not what you expected but I am 36 weeks prego and very dramatic at this point.  My poor hubs is married to a whiney drama queen for sure! Poor guy! Oh well only 23 days to go! 

I will end on this bit of advice… If you are thinking about making a life changing decision make sure that you are in a normal state of mind before making such life altering decisions on a whim!  And always always always look for a laugh when you have made an unfixable mistake!


  1. I totally know the feeling! Through each of my 3 pregnancies, it did seem that my own hair was the only thing I had control over. However, it would take me weeks or months to finally decide to get a cut. Decisions have never been easy for me, but when you are hormonal, 900 months pregnant and 20,000 pounds overweight, (good) decision making is so much more difficult.

  2. "Love this blog! I am the worst about asking for help and for all the reasons you said! Our first deployment is coming up and when my hubs leaves I will be alone with a 16 month old and a 4 month old and I am scared to death about how that is going to work out but know god is in control and will surround me with wonderful people! "

    Thanks! :)
    I know how you feel, and I pray that God will be with you through this time. I know it will be hard, but remember: "I can do all things through Christ which strengthenth me." Philippians 4:13 :) Thanks for commenting!


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