Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Meet Lanaya from Raising Regan

Hi Readers of Monkeys & Tutus~

Thank you so much to Misty Marie for letting me borrow her blog for the day! I'm still very new to the blogging community and am working my way around the blogosphere meeting new and very cool moms (and some dads too.) My name is Lanaya and I blog daily over at Raising Reagan. My blog is my online scrapbook chronicling my day to day life parenting my super cool and feisty two year old Reagan. She definitely keeps me on my toes and knows how to push my buttons...she's a lot like me in that respect and I am scared to death of what her teenage years are going to hold for me. But for now, I cherish what almost never was. My husband and I had sworn we were never having kids. We were going to be the fun aunt and uncle that spoiled every one else's kids. After a very tragic loss in my family a few years ago our outlook on life changed. My two year old nephew died in an accidental drowning at his grandparent's house and it shook the core of reality for everyone. Watching the pain on my step-brother and his wife's faces and attending his funeral was the worst moment in my life. Out of that funeral came my realization that I may never understand the unconditional love that only a mother can have for a child. When Brian and I sat down and discussed it we decided that if we got pregnant it was meant to be. If I didn't. well, then it wasn't. Pretty sure you all know how that story ended. I am blessed every day to share my life with Reagan. She is a very precocious two and loves to laugh and smile. She is active and crazy and loud and all mine! I wouldn't change it for the world. Out of a tragedy came a blessing and although it is difficult to reflect on why we changed our minds to become parents, we were still given the greatest gift...Reagan! Being a stay at home mom is wonderful because I get to watch my child grow and see all the intricacies she brings to the table. Interacting with her allowed me to see how important it is for parents to be involved with the education and development of their children. I created my business out of that interaction. It has become my goal to get kids active and use their imaginations. I love what I have built with my online toddler toys stores. They bring education and imagination together!
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Being a mother is amazing and I love being able to share my experiences with others! So please come over, say Hi, and let me get to know about what you are passionate about! Thank you so much to Misty for letting me be on your blog today! I wish her the best of luck with everything. I hope to see some new faces on my blog, don't be shy! I love having you! You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin and Google +. Please also take a look at my online toys for toddler stores! You won't be disappointed!

L♥ve, Lanaya

     Thank you so much girl for sponsoring Monkeys & Tutus and for bringing us your sweet story!  Looking forward to more of my readers getting to know you as well!!!

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