Friday, October 19, 2012

Our Week in Pics

I can't believe its already Friday!  Here are a few pics of our week so far!  We are gearing up to go to the store and I have a new game plan! I will share later, we will see if it works first! All I can say is bribery is coming! haha Im bad I know! 

This is princess, oh so cute but in a Bad bad mood! 

This is our new version of a double stroller! Our sit and stand has seen the last of its days and thats ok because I hated it!  This is so much easier! I got two umbrella strollers from wally world! We chose Mickey and Minnie and then I ordered a set of connectors off of Amazon and wala! Instant double stroller for like $40!

I dont know why but Jaxsen sleeps better in our recliner than anywhere! Here is is all sacked out!

These kind of pics make me happy because I really do have such an amazing husband!  Love him!
 Life with my 3 crazies under 3 wouldn't be complete without some shots of them being crazy at the store! haha!
 This pic just cracks me up! He is totally in the NO PICTURES MOMMY phase! But here I snapped one while he was telling me about an airplane! Cant believe he is almost 3! 

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  1. Hi Misty! I'm a new follower from the Friendly Friday blog hop!

    You look like you have such a happy family!! Your daughter's sunglasses crack me up! :o) I hope you guys have a really great weekend!!

  2. These are great and the last one is priceless!

  3. New follower from the Weekend Blog Hop! Your kids are so cute- thanks to your husband also for his military service. Great looking family!


  4. the pigtails are killing me so cute!


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