Saturday, October 27, 2012

When it rains it pours

Well I was in the middle of getting ready my huge 600 follower giveaway which is up to 25 awesome prizes and my sweet lil princess pulled our laptop off our tall kitchen table and onto the floor!
The screen is shattered and it will be at least a week before we can get it fixed! Sucktastic!
Bear with me this week as I attempt to blog from my iPhone and the giveaway is gonna be a week later than planned but I promise it will be well worth the wait!
Meanwhile if you want to be a part of the giveaway you can email me and I will send you the deets!

Thanks so much for following and reading Monkeys & Tutus! You are all wonderful and I can't say thank you enough!!!


  1. OH NO!!!!

    And you posted with such calm too. LOL!
    You deserve an award. How about a Sunshine Blogger award? ;)

  2. Oh no! No worries about the wait-- take your time & get re-settled!!

  3. Been there...if you have a desktop you can hook the monitor to the laptop. If you do that be warned, there will be a ridiculous crick in your neck.

  4. Oh no!!! So sorry this happened! I think I would have gone into shock!

  5. oh no :(
    same thing happened to me last week, i then had to use the desktop and it was so slow.
    My hubby surprised me Wednesday with a new laptop :)

    Hope its fixed soon for you

  6. I mentioned your vaccine story in my last post!! I defiantely think people need to be more aware!!


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