Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Redneck breakfast

So after a night freezing our dupas of in the trailer bc it got down to 38 and we had random windows open we got up got ready and decided to head to town to eat breakfast.

We went to the oh so glorious home of Carrie Underwood and ate at a lil home town diner! It looked promising...

We sat down to order and before the food got there Benjamin had daddy take him to pooh in the potty 2x! After which he would announce to the time lil diner that he went poop in the potty! The food came and cloee refused to eat her biscuit and gravy! Then she decided to use her fingers as a spoon and eat the gravy only.
Jax enjoyed a few bites then began to throw it alllll over the floor of the tiny diner! Much to our oh not so pleasant waitress' dismay! I wanted to say don't worry Betty Lou we will tip you well!

The food tasted like they emptied the entire contents of a Texas sized salt shaker! I still feel sick!
Benjamin refused to eat he said it was yucky and kept screaming about how yucky it was! Which only made the waitress more aggravated.

Taking 3 under 3 out to eat almost always ends badly. Someone is always throwing something, someone is always screaming and someone always refusing to eat!
I wonder how many times of being utterly embarrassed it will take us before we stop taking them into public lol!
Oh well we continue to live and NOT learn.
OH! I totally almost forgot about the old man siting beside us that was passing the worlds largest farts while we were eating! Lol gotta love small towns!

Here's to a fun rest of the day where daddy and papa get to go fish and play on the water all day while I'm stuck at camp with 3 cranky monkeys!

Here's our fun lil salt filled diner right smack dab in the middle of the home of Carrie underwood lol!

Oh and I really want these boots! Thoughts?!


  1. Sounds like Irene's Kountry Kookin' needs Robert Irvine's help! lol

    I hate it was such a yucky experience :(


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