Monday, October 15, 2012

My 3 under 3 weekend

Our weekend was full of craziness as usual!  But also full of laughs, fun and lots of love oh and lots and lots of messes!  
My hubs and I are seriously done with cosleeping with our 11 month old.  The problem is when he wakes up and absolutely wont go back to sleep with out being held, rocked, spoiled etc one of us ends up just putting him back in our bed because we are just to tired to deal with it.  Ugh its an ugly cycle.  Part of me thinks he will grow out of it and enjoy it while we can after all he is our last baby but the other part of me says he will be 1 in 2 weeks and he should be grown out of being so needy by now and I just want to be able to snuggle my hubs with out a baby being constantly between us...
But isnt he oh so sweet and cuddly...

Friday night we had a family trip to the Commissary . EEK  It was ok until Cloee bit the crud out of Benjamins arm and left a HUGE instant teeth mark bruise   EEk  I seriously think its time for mommy to start going to the grocery store alone! 

Saturday night we attempted to see if Benjamin and Cloee could sleep in the same room.  We put Benjamins bed into Cloees room and at first he fussed about it but then was fine.  We put them to bed and after 15ish minutes I went to listen at the door and they were just having a gab fest.  It sounded like old friends in there just talking away.  Benjamin was talking about his Thomas the Train PJs and heaven knows what else.
After about another 15 mins  I heard lots of noise and opened the door and they were both still in their own beds but they had gotten out the princess tea party stuff and were having their own little tea parties.  I said its time to go to sleep and Benjamin said no mommy we are drinking our tea first! lol

This next paragraph falls under the TMI Poop Story Section so if you are one of those who think its wrong to blog about your kids crazy pooh stories skip to next paragraph... lol Personally I find it funny and Its kids so its different.. ha
Twice Benjamin got up because he needed to pooh.  After the first time I got him back in bed and started rocking Jax to sleep I kept saying I smelled poop but couldnt find it anywhere..  The second time he got up I found the poop.. smeared down my leg! UGH! While he was taking care of business the second time he attempted to wipe himself and looked at the paper and said ewwww! I said Benjamin put it in the toilet! and what did he do???  He put it to his mouth and licked it!  I screamed EWWW and I cried and he laughed and said I go tell daddy! He got up still naked and ran into to tell daddy all about it.. UGH why do my kids do grouse things?! Eeeks!

Anyway an hour of these crazy games went by and we finally said yeah this isnt going to work and moved Benjamin back to his room and they were instantly asleep!

Sunday was fun and crazy too!  We spent the morning at the park because it was soooo beautiful and nice out!  Here are a few pics of our fun!

I had every intention of having a spotless house by the time we got ready to leave for church but of course my 3 under 3 had a different idea!  By the time I started to get ready for church I had swept and mopped the kitchen 3x, vacuumed 2x, cleaned  up 2 pee puddles and scrubbed poop off the wall, did 3 loads of laundry and still everything was a mess!
The sweeping and mopping comes from Jax and Cloees constant need to throw their food allll over my floor! The vacuuming came from Cheerios getting thrown all over the floor, the pee puddles were because Benjamin refused to use his elmo seat and just peed on the floor and came in the living room after he was done and said Mommy I peed on the floor again! Grrr
The poop on the walls was because he keeps trying to wipe himself and if he gets it on his finger he just wipes it on the wall.. UGH puke hahah
But we did make it to church on time so bonus for us! And I got to wear a scarf so double bonus!

That was our fun, silly, crazy weekend!

Check out the post below! Im cohosting the Mommy Moments Hop!  Its lots of fun!
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  1. Just stopping by from the Monday Mom Musings blog hop and wants to say hi.

  2. I love the pictures from the park, looks like they had a great time. :)

  3. stopping by from the blog hop, i love your blog! and 3 under 3 holy cow!
    i'm your newest follower!

  4. Oh i love that they were having a tea party. So so cute!!!!!
    Ooh the glamorous life ofa mom! I cannot believe you did all that cleaning before church!

  5. We haven't made it to church in such a long time! We are such bad people, but my husband's always working and I don't feel like bring Aliceana on my own.

    Love your daughter's glasses! So adorable, what a diva!

  6. I just posted today about what a mess going to the commissary with the kids are. Why do they make it so hard?? And boys and their poop, I am sure there is nothing we can do about it. New follow of your 3, look forward to reading more!

  7. Haha. I love that your kids were having a late night tea party. How very British of them. Hope you and your husband find a way to reclaim your bed soon. It might not be a piece of cake, but I'm sure you'll both appreciate the effort.


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