Sunday, October 7, 2012

Where did all my willpower go?

Its Sunday! Lets talk about my health and weight loss journey! Actually, Id rather not but its Sunday so lets just get down to it.  I suck... I super suck... seriously!  All my healthy habits have all been shot to heck and back.  Last week our fridge went out after we had just bought groceries!  We had to throw everything out and have been eating a lot of takeout and other crappy crap!  Friday and Saturday my mom and I had a garage sale and we ate out every meal then too, last night we ordered pizza!  UGH 

I really feel like my Diet Dr Pepper Addiction is hindering me!  I give it up for a bit then I think I just have to have one and one always leads to several a day!  I have no willpower when it comes to Diet Dr Pepper.  Its just so yummy! Kinda like chips lol..

I felt like the new meds the dr gave me were causing me to gain weight.  But I also haven't been eating well or exercising so yeah blah!
If I hadn't had my tubes tied and hadn't been having periods I would seriously think I was pregnant.  My tummy is oddly round and looks like a baby bump.  I guess I should have kept all my maternity stuff and just wore and looked prego and had an excuse for being large for a while.  

I honestly hate looking in the mirror.  I hate being naked and I hate feeling like a fatty mcfat pants.  I hate the feeling of regret after scarfing down something super unhealthy and I hate feeling tired and blah.  I hate not being able to go into normal stores and buy just anything.  

I can only be so hard on myself because I know what I am capable of.  I know that when I set my mind to it i can knock off the weight its just self discipline and will power. Some days I feel great and disciplined and the next I let the stresses of everyday life take over. From December to February I lost over 40 lbs and from then on I have fluxed up and down with the same 15 lbs over and over and over.   I absolutely have to lose like 20 lbs before the mid of December when one of my Bffs gets married.  When I bought the dress it was snug now im sure it probably wouldnt even zip... EEEKS

I saw this a long time ago on pinterest and it was my mantra at the beginning of the year.  Its a good reminder, something I should post everywhere!  For now I am going to go find my willpower and kick myself into gear.

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  1. oh gard, when i was younger i had such an going battle with my body and my weight. i cut out dairy last year (due to an intolerance) and because it's in almost all the crappy foods out there i haven't had a problem with my weight since (plus I don't eat that much meat, maybe like once a week). I really love this post too it makes you look at your body from another perspective,,,
    I am hosting a blog hop over at my blog today

  2. Weight loss is a crappy cycle. I find i want to be thinner but I get frustrated with not getting results right away or mad that I cheated and than I turn to food for comfort, which in turn makes me feel crappier. I so get this post and am glad you shared it. Nice to know that others struggle with how I feel.

  3. I am SO exactly where you are right now! I was doing so well a few months ago, and now...not so much. We'll get there!


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