Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cosleeping, Sleep Training, Sleep Deprivation.. OH my!

Well our Sweet Lil Jaxsen is officially 16 months old and we are so over CoSleeping!  Its sweet and precious and its a sex life killer! Haha TMI but its true!  For the past year we have been rocking him every night, every nap and for the most part holding him while we sleep. Its sweet and its precious like I said but I dont want to be in the same place when he is two.  
Before anyone starts throwing the hate comments about oh they grow out of it, enjoy it while you can etc.. I know far to many people who still have 5 and 6 year olds who they cant get out of their bed.  
As A mom of 3 toddlers I need that time during the day when they are all sleeping to get things done.  Having to hold him for 2 hours in the middle of the day just doesnt work.  Not being able to snuggle my husband bc a baby is constantly on or between us SUCKS.  We can leave him in the recliner for a little bit, which he loves, but it never lasts long!

Love this sweet lil boy and will always sneak in as many snuggles as possible but the time has come!  Starting at nap time yesterday I started putting him down in his bed.  Well actually his sisters bed! haha I moved Benjamin and Cloee in together for a while and Jax gets to get used to sleeping alone in the Princess room!  But he needs a place alone where he can fuss and be crazy with out waking everyone else up.

The first time was awful!  He fussed (not cried, no tears) really more like threw a big ole fit every time i walked out. For an hour and a half I put him back in the bed prob 100 times hahah!
He has never taken to any certain animals or blankets but being stuck in a princess room he found Dora and loves her! hahah
This is his sweet lil pouty face!  hahah Love it!

He would fall asleep and then the second he realized he was alone it would start all over!  I actually was bad and put in baby Eisenstein sleepy time DVD
and it helped a lot.  When he was throwing his biggest  fit i would just say get back in your bed and watch your show.  Hed get back in bed and look at the tv and then shut his eyes.. Oh was it a draining night! 

He slept 6 hours strong then when he woke up at 3am it took me another hour and a half to get him back to sleep!

Nap time today it was much easier!  It only took about 20 mins!  I am hoping tonight is even easier and tomorrow even easier.  Who knows! Maybe he will finally learn to sleep all night! haha

Love my sweet baby but I so want our bed to be our bed and our bed alone! The biggest problem for us has been sticking to it.  Usually I end up giving in when its 3 am and I am exhausted but Im not doing it this time!  Were holding strong and sticking to the plan!
Jax is well taken care of and I am not a cry it out fan but throw a fit it out is fine and the fits are getting shorter and shorter!  Progress people! Im excited!


  1. I never slept with any of my babies in bed because I was afraid they wouldn't learn to sleep on their own. As someone who also has multiple little ones, you definitely have my sympathies! Stick to it and it will work. Changes are almost always harder on us than the kiddies :)

  2. You are brave! I learned after the first that there was no way I was co sleeping past a year again. Thank God I was able to get the baby out of our bed by 8 months. As much as I love the snuggles, I enjoy my sleep and sanity much more. Good luck! It just takes some persistence!! (:

  3. You are doing great! :) Hoping he sleeps longer and longer for you.

  4. he looks so cute cuddling with Dora!

  5. Well done you for sticking it out! I'm sure he'll get used to it quickly if you do. I hate crying it out but it's worth it in the end! :)


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