Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Trendy Littles

I am beyond excited about and have been anxiously awaiting todays new link up 'Trendy Little'  from Sunny With A Chance Of Sprinkles!    
My mom has a crazy addiction to buying super cute clothes for my babies I have been wanting to showcase some of them for a long time so this is the perfect link up!
Here are my trendy littles...
Cloee sporting her Bow Bun!  
There are tons of tutorials on Pinterest and its pretty easy to do.. Not totally easy on a wiggly 2 year old but oh so cute!

It is beyond hard to decide what outfit to showcase this week but heres my pic...

Shirt & Capri Jeggins are from Childrens Place
Flower Bow is made by Mommy
And shoes.. can i just not show them?  She has so many cute shoes but is obsessed with her Dora & Boots Crocs 

The funniest thing about this adorable shirt is because of my moms obsessive addiction to buying kids clothes (which I LOVE) she has this exact shirt in 5 different colors!!!!  haha

Cloee isnt my only Trendy Little...
Yeah Im one of those moms who makes my poor boys dress alike a lot but its oh so cute and I know i wont be able to do it forever so i better do it while I can!
Boys shirts are from Childrens Place
Shorts Walmart
Shoes - Crocs from Famous Footwear


  1. What cuties! That hair bow is adorable! Visiting from the Trendy Little link-up! :)

  2. Cloee is adorable in that bow bun! I love this link up already. :) It's awesome!
    Hailey @ Love, Laughter and Lipstick

  3. Your kids are so cute! We love the bow bun too. My 9 yr old wears it often.

  4. Love that bow bun! Adorable children. Found you through Trendy Littles.

  5. The bow bun is to cute! I love how your little guy is carrying all the dinosaurs :)

  6. Love the bow bun! Even I buy shirts in multiple colors, when you know what you like you know what you like!

  7. LOVE the bow bun! Getting it on a two year old is talent!

  8. So adorable! I love the bow bun. :)

  9. Totally adorable!! The bow bun is the cutest!
    Visiting from the Trendy Little linkup!

  10. They are all so cute! i am in love with that bow bun.

    stopping by from the trendy little link up


  11. Adorable Kids!!
    We both have 3 kiddos! :)
    They sure keep me busy but I LOVE IT!

  12. I dress my boys alike too, when I can!

  13. Your kids are so adorable! And your little girl? Look at all that hair! So beautiful! Thank you so much for linking up! Hope to see you again tomorrow ;)


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