Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Life with 3 toddlers

Kids are so funny and life with 3 toddlers is non stop fun and craziness! ha  Some days the things they say amaze me! Here are a few of this weeks funnies, because they are tooooo funny not to share!

Benjamin is obsessed with The Land Before Time series and has given us each Dino Names.  He is 'Peitrie' and he doesnt want to be called anything else.  Any time you try to talk to him he says NO! Call me Peitrie! haa
Sister is Ducky, Baby Bro is Spike, I am Little Foot and daddy is.. .Sara.. or Cera if we are technical hahahaha
The other day Benjamin was being a little bad and daddy was trying to correct him and he kept saying "Sara...." Poor hubs kept saying I am not Sara right now I am daddy! Benjamin wouldnt listen unless daddy admitted he was sara! ha

Benjamin is also obsessed with 'hats' he makes hats out of everything he finds! Buckets, bowls etc  First pic he is Mr Cooking Man and middle bottom he is Super Hero Peitrie!

Does anyone elses kids have obsessions with pads?  LOL Cloee loves to unwrap them and stick them to herself! Jax just likes to put them in his mouth! eesh! 

While in the van yesterday this was our convo
Benjamin: Mommy I wish I could drive
Me: I know baby, you are still too little
Benjamin: Im not Baby, Im Peitrie! Call Me Peitrie!  I can drive, im big enough I can do it...

While squatting down beside daddy working on the computer Benjamin was asking for candy, I stopped responding to him after the 3rd time of telling him no then he got close, started rubbing my back and oh so softly said "Baby, Baby.. Baby, can I have some candy please baby"  All the while rubbing my back and topping it off with a big sweet kiss!  
Of course he got the candy! haha

Cloee is our bucket of 2 year old drama! Every day her vocab gets bigger and bigger and bossier and bossier!
When I put her to bed last night she had demands!  Get my minnie mouse!  Turn Off my Light! Shut my door!  Lol lately if you open her door before she is ready to get up she yells like the crazy sleepy teenager i used to be!  The other day I opened her door after her name and she said Close my Door! Cloee Sleeping! Shut off the light! Get out! LOL
Where do they pick these things up!

Cloee is also obsessed with looking in the mirror!  Jax was looking in the mirror and cloee said Get Jax DOWN!  I wanna look at Cloee! OMG hahaha

I often say its good we dont say things worse than Crap or Butt around here because they pick up everything!  When we were putting together the boys awesome new bed Benjamin said this is awesome! Its gonna be awesome! Its freaking awesome!  OOOPS!  danget!

Well theres an insight into our last few days! Life with 3 toddlers is never dull!


  1. The picture of Cloee looking in the mirror is adorable!


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