Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Adventure in my quest for health

If you have been following me for any time at all you know that this last year has been constant YoYo in the land of Health and Fitness!  
My original journey began after stuffing Christmas Cards with this pic that made me cry...

Of course this pic was less than a week after Jaxsen was born but still... its only actually 25ish lbs from where I am now and that is BAD
3 back to back babies played a HUGE toll on my body and since we were in the middle of deployment when this pic was taken in Nov 2011 I used the rest of deployment to get on the track to health and weight loss...
From December to March I lost 40 lbs!  I was doing great, then deployment ended and we found ice cream, fast food and eating out.. A lot...
Deployment ended exactly a year ago and in the past year i have been on a constant yoyo from 215-225 and through being sick up and dealing with junk up to 235 and even beyond that at times... DANGET!
Ive tried several things over the past few months and our love for ice cream and pizza always seems to win.  
A few weeks ago I started seeing my friend Stacy talking about her recent winnings and success with Herbalife Shakes... her before and after pics speak for themselves...


Its one thing to see before an after pics of someone you dont know but of someone you do know is totally different.  This is someone I know, someone who also has had 3 babies, someone who is real and really did it! Her and her husband both have made huge life and body altering changes and have had amazing results.. No its no magic pill, its hard work and determination and commitment!  Since October she has lost 50 lbs and her hubs has lost 70! Incredible!

I decided Im gonna give herbalife and the 8 week challenge her and her husband are leading a try!  Last night I weighed in and got measured.. OMG  I weighed in at .. well im not even going to go there yet hahaha its ookie
Yesterday morning I started my Herbalife Journey and my hubs is doing it with me!! Sunday I planned out all our meals, snacks etc!  I got healthy groceries and am excited to be on a new journey..  I feel like I am starting over.. I pretty much am!
I had my first 2 shakes and teas yesterday and I was amazed! One they were yummy and two they were very filling!  I wasn't hungry at all!  I sat in front of a LARGE bowl of chocolate at work for 10 hours yesterday and I didn't even try to sneak 1!!!!

Goals for the next 8 weeks are...
2 shakes & 2 teas a day
healthy high protein low carb snacks and 3rd meal
couch to 5k 3x per week
Zumba, Bob or Jillian 3x per week
Keep a food log of EVERYTHING - go back to my fitness pal
Drink half my body weight in fluid oz of water a day!
Lose 5 lbs per week
Win the competition!

My long term weight loss goal is to get to 150

I will be posting shake recipes, low carb recipes, food & excerciese logs, goal updates etc weekly through my 8 weeks and beyond.. Its time to stop playing games, stop giving in and get real! 


  1. You can do it!! Post deployment has screwed me up too! We eat crappy together. Good luck!!

  2. I LOVE THIS!! I am totally with you - i hit my all time low this week. It's ON.

  3. I am so excited for you!! Good luck girl ~ you know I am rooting for you!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  4. How can I find you on My Fitness Pal!?!? I'm on the train with ya sister!

  5. You can do it my friend, we are all here for support. :)


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