Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Challenge for iPhone Moms

 I am sure by now most of you have seen the 'Dear-Mom On Your iPhone' going around. If you haven't you should totally read it.  Its a great reminder for us all!

As I read this little poem of course I was instantly convicted.  It is so easy to get caught up in the Social Media, Smart Phone, Blogging world of busyness!  At one point I deleted all games off my phone because I noticed that I often get 'annoyed' when I am trying to play a game.  But it goes so much further than games on our phones...
I often tell my kids to go play when blogging, put on a movie so I can relax, browse FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, play Words with Friends, Draw Something and Scramble while at the park.  I can rarely be found with out my phone with in a 2 ft radius of me.  Usually its actually on my person.  

The other day while at the park, after I read the "dear mom on your iphone' I promised I would only use my phone for pictures!  I have got to get a real camera! haha!  I was sitting on the bench watching the kids play and the mom beside me was on her iPhone.  One of her kids came up and said Mommy Mommy Look! She pushed them away and said LOOK! You have this whole space to run and play! Get away and go play!

My heart broke a little.  I completely understand that as a mom we have days where we are tired, worn out and dont want to be climbed on for 5 minutes but in all reality our kids just love us, they just want to please us and show us everything and its so spirit breaking for us to brush them aside and choose technology over them!

So for me... I am back to deleting games off my phone.  Not that games are wrong, they are just time wasters and suckers.  

My Challenge for this week is for myself but also for anyone relates and wants to join in and on any level...
I am actually gonna suck it up and delete FaceBook off my phone for 1 week! Ok I just did it... Breathe.. its okay!

  I am constantly browsing... It makes me feel in the know, connected, etc.. But in all actuality it just makes me a busy body hahah.. I share my life with everyone bc its what we do, i read about everyone else and comment, like etc bc it makes me feel like i am interacting with my 'friends' who I never see.  
Life is short, we arent guaranteed tomorrow... I have 3 beautiful toddlers who are learning and growing every day! 
When they say Mommy watch me, I want to stop and watch and not say mommys busy!  Yeah some times mommy is busy but guess social media, blogging and the like are not more important than anything in our lives.

My hubs and I actually talked about making our Bed a 'No Phone Zone' because he is always reading the news, me browsing fb or pinterest (as if my 6 million pins arent enough) and we are missing precious time of just relaxing and communicating with filling our minds with social media, media etc...

Heres my Challange for this week...
Our Bed is a No Phone Zone
No FB/Twitter etc on the phone for a week (maybe forever lol)
During Park or Zoo time my phone goes to Do Not Disturb Mode
Blogging only happens while kids are asleep or during Morning Movie Time
Work from home happens after kids are in bed!  

What about you? Whats your challenge for yourself?  can you give up social medial on your phone for a week?


  1. I read a great response to that post and now I can't find it. :(

  2. here it is:

  3. I agree with the thought process of just being more present around your kids. I am so guilty of checking Facebook and twitter throughout the day on my phone. I guess there just needs to be a better balance of being focused and in the moment and still having some me time even if it's 5 minutes.

  4. I just deleted my fb and my twitter. I am very guilty of this.

  5. These are some great goals! I try my hardest to only blog or be on my phone during Reagan's nap/bed time. She's only little once!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  6. Dont get me wrong :) I am not judging anyone - to each their own.. there are extremes of both sides. heck i plan my kids nap around my soap opera hahaha
    Im just saying i know for me (and im sure hundreds of others) its not about being productive its about blocking your mind and getting into a habit and rut of always checking stuff for no reason and for pushing kids aside for social media sucks...
    I have family members who see my kids once a month and cant put down their phone or other technology device for an hour visit.. not so they can do productive things but so they dont miss an update...

    its all about habit

  7. Gah!! Reading this from my bed!! :/
    I hadn't seen that article before. Just read it and got teary eyed. While I do try my best to pay attention to the little ones, I'm guilty of getting sucked into the phone from time to time. I'm going to have to reevaluate my phone time & try to set some rules for myself.


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