Saturday, December 7, 2013

Celebrating small successes - Overcoming HUGE failures

Today is day 6 on 'the plan' and I am down 6lbs!  The plan is simple Just Eat Real Food!  I have to thank Sean Croxton from Underground Wellness for that phrase and all that I learned from the Real Food Conference last month but really real food is what its about.  Real food equals me feeling great, bad food equals me feeling like crap! I didn't tell anyone except my hubs and best friend but the day before Thanksgiving I was in the ER all day with horrid Cronhs related pains.  I always worry when I haven't had any Cronhs symptoms in a while and the pain comes because Cronhs pain, for me, is in the same area as the appendix! Eeeks.  After a CT, a pelvic violation exam, peeing all over my hand in a cup, morphine, zofran and several hours I was sent home knowing that I can either get serious about the way I'm eating or I can get on a dozen meds again.  I have an amazing doctor who I adore like my grandpa but he, like most doctors, treats the symptoms and not the cause.  I have a very mild case of Cronhs compared to most people and I know from past experience that the best treatment is a strict diet of no dairy, no gluten, no sugar and just eating real food  and my symptoms disappear and remission comes easy.  It was so much easier when it was just me to control my diet but now I have kids, VERY PICKY KIDS and a hubs who loves ice cream and pizza and my will power has been shot to crap!   

Knowing that bad food equals pain and feeling sick, I continued to eat crap through Thanksgiving and ended up spending most of the weekend in bed.  While laying in bed feeling awful I heard my kids constantly asking my hubs for me. 'wheres mommy, why doesnt mommy feel good, i want mommy, does mommys tummy still hurt'.. I was a little broken and adding insult to injury by stepping on the scale to see the 'holiday weight gain' OMG - it wrecked me! For 2 years I have been on a roller coaster and here I sit, my youngest baby 2 years old and right back to the weight I was right after having him! Crap!  A 2 year roller coaster only to get back right to where you started is a HUGE failure but.....

Yes I have failed at a lot of things health related but I have become much wiser and I have been digging in and researching and learning a lot and have started over again with a different outlook and a different desire. I loved Monkeys & Tutus but it represents my old self on the roller coaster going no where - Mommy Loses It is a new start - a new focus and a year from now I will be able to cross out that 'loses' word and insert a lost!  This past week is proof - good food = no pain and weight loss and feeling better! Ready to take on week 2!

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  1. 6 pounds is AMAZING! I know the journey of weight loss is hard but I know you can do it. Excited to follow along.


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