Monday, December 9, 2013

Instant Paleo Mocha Coffee

Today starts day 8 (-8lbs!!!!!) with no soda and with 3 little people running a muck sometimes caffeine is a must! In my quest for health and weight loss I am finding that I have to have healthy alternatives that help me beat the desire for the unhealthy stuff!  
I found this Paleo Mocha recipe over at one of my fav recipe places Primal Bites  tweaked it a little and LOVE how good it tastes!  This may be my new morning go to for a jolt!  

Instant Paleo Mocha Coffee
2/3 cup of hot water  
2 tsp instant coffee (I use double what it says for stronger yumminess)
2/3 Coconut Milk
2 pkts of Stevia
1 tsp of unsweetened Cocoa

Simmer coconut milk in pan and mix in 1 pkt of stevia and cocoa - in a cup mix hot water and instant coffee and 1 pkt of stevia - once milk is warmed to your liking and cocoa is all mixed in combine, stir and enjoy!

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  1. I'm gonna try this! It looks yummy!!

  2. Youre doing great with your weight loss!


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