Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas Break!

Holidays are kicking my bootay blog wise!  Shopping, family activities, hubs on a 2 week vacation, family, relaxing and on and on and on bits of wonderfulness! I have been totally off my game this week and havn't been on the blogging daily train as planned but I am focused on family and trying to make as many healthy choices as possible!  I hope you all are enjoying this time with your families!  I will be taking the next week to focus on my family and wont be blogging during this time but am looking forward to the new year, new possibilities and exciting progress!  

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  1. Based on your Instagram pictures I would say the kiddies had a successful Christmas. I took a mini blogging break too. It's so hard to blog during the craziness of the holidays. I have managed to catch up with Days and just love when the Hortons hang the Christmas ornaments. Did you watch????


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