Friday, December 6, 2013

List of Resources & Links

This is a list of my favorite resources for Clean Eating - Paleo - Real Food - Fitness and just overall health! Most of these I go to for great recipes, tips and advice!  Hope they help you too!  When I say 'Semi Paleo/Kinda Clean/ Wanna Be Crunchy' I mean we are pretty paleo but not all the way - We generally don't do pork and some times do other 'non paleo' things but we still subsutitue with clean options.  Kinda Clean means we are trying to be as clean as possible.  Some times clean isn't avail and doens't work for the moment but we are trying our hardest to get the crap out and replace with clean real options.  Wanna be Crunchy.... well yeah! I make our own toothpaste and desire to be a lot more crunchy and some day I will get there but for today I am just a wanna be!

PS... I add to this list often but these are the basics of my favs!  For Future I made this link available on the left hand side under Resources & Links

Clean Eating /Real Food Resources

Underground Wellness
Dr. Axe
The Coconut Mama
Wellness Mama

Paleo Resources

Nom Nom Paleo
Stupid Easy Paleo
Paleo Grubs
The Paleo Mom
Paleo Parents
Primal Bites

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