Thursday, December 5, 2013

Making the change? Help needed!

I am really wanting to change my blog name and focus - any one have any name ideas??? haha!!!
When I started Monkeys and Tutus the focused more on having 3 kids ages 3 and under, enduring deployment etc.  Now I am wanting to focus more on weight loss, clean/healthy eating and changing the health habits of our entire family....

Who has had name change success and what are your tips and any advice?  Thank you so much for following and being a part of my online community!  

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  1. I have no suggestions but yay for changes. :)

  2. The best advice from me will be: keep all of your old accounts with your old name and redirect people to the new accounts with the new name (Twitter, Facebook etc). If you decide to just change your account names on your social media, make sure to put "formerly xyz" on them so people know who you are. It's hard to remember everyone over time--especially, with name changes or profile photo changes. If you still own your old url, I'd put a redirect on it to this new page (if you haven't already). Congrats and I love it!! :)

    1. ps: i love your signature image on your blog! :D so pretty!


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