Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gold Fish Ban, Family Dinner Fail and Some Fun Too

I have been oh so busy being a cleaning machine that my mind is total mush! Thought I would share some our past few days with you!  
First we tried to have a nice family dinner, all at the table together.  We usually don't do this for many reasons.  Our kids are usually ready to eat much earlier than we are and also they rarely eat what we do just because they are all so dang picky.  Well I decided to give it a go and it was horrible!  lol
Heres my oldest telling me how yucky it was.  We had spaghetti squash, which he usually likes.  He would say 'mmmm delicious' then in the next minute he would say 'I no like it! its yucky'

Then our sweet little princess was throwing it everywhere!  She normally throws her food on the floor when shes done, which drives me nuts. But because brother was being a stink she was following suit.

I decided we are banning Cheezeits and Gold Fish because this always happens!  I never fails when I to the bathroom they rush to the cabinet get out one of these crackers and dump them all over the floor!  I am quite certian that my vacuum bag consitsts of 99% cracker crumbs.  When this happens I just vacuum them up!
Jax was very happy about being surrounded by food for a minute! ha


Gotta love messy faces!  ha

Of all the places to sit they always all cram in my lap in the recliner.  Makes for fun snuggles

Princess and I were having fun being silly while waiting in the car for Mimi and Benjamin!

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  1. Haha I have witnessed cracker crumb madness with my niece and nephew. It's crazy! :)

  2. I gave my daughter colored gold fish the other night so I could leave the room to make dinner. BIG MISTAKE. Apparently the color rubs off on her hands and I had a colored chair and carpet to wash.
    She also throws her food on the floor when done. I wish I could tell you what we did but now she just hands her food to us. But if we aren't paying attention it goes on the floor.

  3. They are so cute! Isn't it amazing how much mess such tiny people can make? Sometimes I feel like I should just cover my whole house in plastic wrap.

  4. hahaha =) im sorry, but this is hilarious and i can totally relate... KIDS! I found a polly pocket swimming pool with dried up chocolate milk in it the other day along with 2 half eaten apples in my girls room. gross!

  5. I feel your pain on the crushed crackers! My youngest is horrible about dropping and stepping on food. One time he got a hold of a box of Rice Krispies when I was in the shower--it was not pretty.

  6. Food fight, looks like so much fun!
    Love your blog by the way

  7. So it looks like someone needs a bath! Haha, they are cute and so messy! How can so much mess come from two little people? Amazing huh?

  8. Gosh, Misty. It looks like you've got your plate full, whether or not the Princess does ;) Cute photos! Here's hoping your vacuum is the bagless type. Otherwise those cracker crumbs are gonna make the vacuum company lots of $$ on bags.


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