Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Thank you so much for all your support and advice with this crazy refer spam stuff!!  
I have gotten a lot of great info since my freak out!  Wanted to pass on some info to ya! 
Of course I was totally freaking out last night bc of what I now know as referrer spam... I was absolutely freaking out and mortified at the thought that my site was linked to porn....  I made some stupid decisions and I hope it doesn't cost me your friendships, blogging relationships and future reading of monkeys and tutus!
I posted several links today above about what's happening and I plan to continue with my blog.  I love it, I love all the fun relationships and friends I've made in you all.  In the future I'm just going to post less pics and be careful with wording and of course watermark everything!

Thank you for hanging in there with me and for granting me some mercy for my irrationality! Haha



  1. Yaya! Glad you've decided to stay :)

    Visit anytime!
    {All follows are followed back}

  2. It's ok. You were worried about your kiddos. Take a deep breath and relax. Glad you are sticking around.

  3. It is totally ok! You had ever right to react the way to did. :)

  4. I about freaked when the same thing happened to me. I did some research to find out it was referrer spam. Hate that there is such a thing.

  5. I'm glad you found that link. After reading your post, I noticed I had quite a few hits from the same referring site. I googled it and came across the same link from nitecruzer you posted above. I tried to send it to you but for some reason can't post links into comments from my phone.

  6. Glad you're sticking around. It would be a shame to be forced to stop doing something you enjoy just because people out there try to take advantage of those of us who are just trying to live our lives.

  7. That is crazy, people are so weird, glad you didn't delete! I need to check my referring URLs EKEE!! Cindy from vegetarianmamma.com

  8. Oh my, thank you for sharing this! After reading your posts I checked my stats and realized I have some of the same referrer spam issues, but reading those articles you provided helped me not to freak out (because I most definitely would have otherwise!). So I'm getting from those articles that our blogs are not actually linked to porn sites, it's just a fake referral link that spammers give in order to get us to click?

  9. hooray...glad to see you are sticking around! :)

  10. Apparently if you click on the referrer spam link it will increase the traffic back to your site so the best thing you can do is not click on them, I've noticed a significant reduction since doing this!
    Thanks for hosting! I'm a new follower, pop by and say hi sometime!
    Sylvia @ www.sweetpeasylvie.com x


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