Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Guest Post from Myranda at Pretty Living PDX

Hello Mokeys and tutus readers I am so happy Misty asked me to guest post on this lovely blog of hers my name is Myranda and I blog over at Pretty Living PDX, I blog about family life, our journey to live healthier and my slow and treacherous weight loss. 

Like Misty I have 3 little ones, so needless to say I am busy. Since all 5 of us live in 600 square feet, I am always looking for ways to use the space more efficiently. I love Pinterest, because it provides me with amazing ideas! Today I am sharing a few ways to organize and keep clutter down. 

In the Bathroom
This took about 5 minutes to do, it was so simple, just put up the tension rod, attach the rings to the baskets and hang on the hooks. It would also work well to put the rod up higher, so only adults can reach.

Cost Breakdown
- Shower rod $7.99
-Wire Baskets- $3.99
-Shower curtain rings- $1.29
Total (Ikea) price = $21.25

In the Office
(or in my case hallway)
This project also took all of 3 minutes to do
Cost Breakdown
-Dish Rack- $6
-File Folders- Free (already had them)
Total price = $6

In the bedroom
I bought these shoe box size plastic tubs and I use them in my girls drawers to organize their dressers. I hate having to dig through an entire drawer for a pair of socks or underwear
I use 1 for socks and 1 for underwear and undershirts, it works great!

Cost Breakdown
-Plastic Tubs- $0.97/ea 
Total cost = $1.94 per dresser

I hope you enjoyed my post today and please come stop by Pretty Living PDX

Myranda! Holy cow! You just rocked my world!  I am so doing all these today! For real!  I got baskets at Target on the dollar rack that I intended to use for the shower but never got around to it! As for the drawers! Seriously! Smartest idea ever!  I love the dish rack file cabinet! I am seriously doing all of these!  Thank you for guest posting today and for the serious inspiration!


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