Friday, September 28, 2012

Meet Jennifer from My Not So Glamorous Life

Today I wanted to intro you to one of my lovely sponsors!!!  Her blog is one of my favs and I absolutely adore it!  If    you havent been over to Jenns {Not So} Glamorous Life I promise you will want to head over and follow her now!
 Lets meet her!

"My {Not So} Glamorous Life chronicles the days of another American housewife enjoying the little things. (And not enjoying the big things. Like housework.) 
Here you'll find a woman who is happily married, busy all the time, semi-crafty, obsessed with creating memories for the kids, and despises housework. Here, you'll find real. (Real=Imperfect!) A real mommy, with real kids, making real messes. A real marriage that takes work to maintain. We might be imperfect, and it may not be glamorous, but we have fun, and we have love. Wont you join us?"

Thank you so much Jennifer for being part of Monkeys and Tutus!  
You are truly a gem!

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  1. I found you on Friday Chaos, and now I'm going over at your recommendation to see My (not so) Glamorous blog.

    I like the scripture you highlighted in your post below this one. It is a type of wife to aspire to be like, and the fact that you want to be a good wife, means you already are. :)

    Happy weekend.

  2. Thanks for this fabulous highlight! I feel all warm and fuzzy now :)


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