Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Road Trip, Pooh and Pickle Juice What More Could You Ask For

This post would better be titled Rub a dub dub 3 kids and Poop in my tub! But there is other fun too so keep reading! For a laugh at least!

We just got home from a spontaneous road trip!  The kids were all stinky and needed baths! Bath time is a bitter sweet for me.  I know the kids love it but oh the mess and oh the drama! Cloee HATES to have her hair washed, they all just wanna pour water on each other which usually results in someone having a fit.  Trying to do baths one at a time never work either bc the others are screaming that they want in.  I told the hubs I would play rock paper scissors to see who had to do the dirty deed and he so graciously said he would do it for me!  Hes awesome!   While they were playing, daddy yells! BABY! GET IN HERE NOW!  I was like seriously what are you yelling about.  I go in to see him yanking the boys out of the bath and something floating around that doesn't belong! EWWW  here comes the TMI (skip to next paragraph if you choose! Total nastiness but oh so funny) It totally got stuck in the drain and I couldnt stop laughing!  Not bc it was funny, it wasn't it was super nasty times a zillion but you just gotta laugh.  This is the day in the life of 3 under 3!

After all were starting to settle down I was sitting in the chair and Cloee grabbed a jar of pickles which just happened to not have the lid put on very well and she said Mommy Pickle and chunked the jar in my lap! Needless to say I was covered in pickle juice!  Good thing we all love pickles around here!

Our spontaneous 2 hour road trip was to a really cool aquarium! The kids loved it and we saw some awesome sea life and even got to pet a stingray! Eww slimey! ha  I thought I would share some of the fun pics!  I took so many great ones its hard to decide which ones to share!  Heres a few!

There was an awesome shark tunnell and sharks swam all around you and right over you it was cool!
this just made me laugh


  1. how fun! those spontaneous trips are the BEST!

  2. Haha oh this made me laugh out loud! :) I love the picture of you all.

  3. Hi, what a cute little blog you have here and gorgeous pictures of your trip to the aquarium. You have a beautiful family and looking forward to following and reading some more.Stopping by from the GFC Bloghop and i'm your newest follower xx
    Here's my blog

  4. adorable little kiddies. You blog is adorable, i love it. I just found your blog via the blog hop, I am excited to read along, come follow along


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