Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Guest Post from The Denny Buzz

Hi!  I'm Brittany from The Denny Buzz!  I'm so excited that Misty asked me to do a guest post...my first one ever!  She has been amazing at helping me navigate my way through learning how to blog and I'm so thankful for all of her help!!  I am a twenty six year old full-time working mom of one!  My daughter, Leightyn, will be one in September!  I can't believe she's almost a year old!  I'm married to a wonderful man, Shawn, who I fell in love with my senior year of high school!  I am a Speech-Language Pathologist at an elementary school in our local district.   

Today I wanted to share two of my favorite crock-pot meals!  I love to cook and am always looking for new recipes to try!  Using the crock-pot is a fabulous way for working moms to put a delicious meal on the table & not lose any of the time that you get to spend with your babies when you get home!  I know on the nights that I do a stove-top meal I end up feeling guilty for taking that time away from Leightyn to cook or end up going nuts because I have her hanging on my leg while I'm trying to prepare it all!  I love the crock-pot that I have (Hamilton Beach Stay or Go)!


The first one I want to share is from the Crockin' Girls!  Definitely check them out if you haven't before!  The recipe is, Chicken in a Hurry, which was SO yummy!!  I used chicken breasts instead of drumsticks like it calls for.  We shredded it and ate it on Chicken Express rolls (and cue the drooling!).  Clearly that was before we started eating healthy so now we would eat it by itself with rice or put it inside a whole-wheat bun.  The best part was I actually had everything in the pantry already!  Literally the first time that's ever happened!  It was really good as leftovers too (that says a lot since I'm not a major fan of leftovers)!  I paired it with Pioneer Woman's Fresh Corn with Wild Rice.  Love me some Pioneer Woman recipes!  

The second recipe I want to share is from the Advocare 24-day challenge cookbook.  Our family has been on a wonderful diet for a little over a month and it's definitely changed our eating habits for the better!  I was actually not planning on making this recipe but when I went to the pantry one morning we were out of rotel (which my husband swore we had when we were at the grocery store and I was putting a can of it in the grocery cart!).  It's called Slow Cooker Chicken Azteca.  It was delicious!  We followed the recipe but added in frozen onions and bell peppers.  Side-note, I love keeping frozen diced onions & bell peppers in the freezer!  Such a time-saver!!  We ate this on whole-wheat tortillas with Pioneer Woman Restaurant Style Salsa - also a must try!! 

Thank you again to Misty for letting me stop in!  I hope you stop by and say hi over at The Denny Buzz & share your favorite recipes with me! 



Thank you so much Brittany for sharing with us!  I cant wait to try some of these recipes!! Yumm!!!


  1. These recipes sound amazing! :)

  2. We have the same crock pot!!! Except mine is black... so I guess it's not the same... PS: Brittany, I am your BIGGEST fan!!! ;)

  3. I soooo need to start doing this with all the sports and Churchy stuff we have going on this time of year. Do they MAKE a crock pot that fits about 75 gallons worth in it? Because i need that size.


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