Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Madness and a look ahead

It is for sure a Monday Morning!  We have been spending lots of time at the park because its so beautiful outside and it gets the kids out of the house and lets them expel their energy at the park and not on  my house. This Morning I had a 1 track mind.  Get to the park and go grocery shopping before the commissary gets busy. I did both!  Kept the big kids entertained in the car part of the cart by giving them my phone and letting them watch the PBS app and play games.  However while they had  my phone there were several missed calls! CRAP! Its Monday! The moms group I have been waiting for several months to start, started TODAY! We grocery shopped right through it!  I was so sad!  But I already set myself reminders for next week so I am sure not to miss!
I planned on starting Jillians 30 day shred this morning at 5am with my hubs but I was up was up for an hour with Jax last night then it took me an hour of tossing and turning to get back to sleep and when my alarm went off at 5 am I said heck no!  By 615 all the kids were up and I attempted to do it with them but obviously that didnt work so well.  I tried again when they all laid down for naps and about 7 mins in Jax woke up crying.  I started rocking him and he zonked back out and I said well if you cant beat em join em! And I did!  Ha
Today has been a little crazy but good too.  I am looking forward to the rest of this week!
Heres a look ahead of whats coming on Monkeys & Tutus
Tuesday - Guest Post from Myranda of Pretty Living PDX!  You dont wanna miss it! It totally rocked my organizational world!
Wednesday - Fun Toddler Craft
Thursday - Mommy to Mommy Q&A Playing with Kids
Friday - Working on an inspirational type post :)
And more to come!  
Heres a look at this fun weekend
Saturday my sweet Jax fell and busted his nose and lip on the entertainment center. Even a little bumped and bruised hes still tooo adorable! 

I am pretty sure we have been to the park every single day this past week!  Its been so beautiful out!

This weekend we tried the frozen blueberries in this fun little mesh thing and he LOVED it! He went to town!!

My mother has a slight, no HUGE addiction to buying end of season clearance for the kids.  We have been beyond blessed to not have to buy the kids many clothes at all! She has hooked them up every season since they were born!  Crazy blessings!  Yesterday she brought over their next spring/summer wordrobes!  Um there are at lease 30 outfits for each of them! And that is not even including all the mix and match possibilities.
No wonder I cant keep up with laundry hahaha! My kids have the most crazy amount of clothes but I love it and we are so blessed to have such a fun mimi with such a fun addiction!

Last night church was a fail.  With our schedule we have to go to evening services, the only problem about evening servicies is Cloees class isnt open and she hates the younger class! She screams and cries and last night she absolutely refused to go in.  She laid in the hall screaming (something she has never done)  She is 2 months away from moving up to the bigger class where her big brother is but they wont let her move up yet.  We tried to bring her into adult church and she was being to loud and I had to take her out and we ended up all leaving early and going for some yummy mexican food!


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  2. Oh my goodness these pictures are too sweet for words. :)

  3. Your mom hit the jackpot on clearance clothes. I buy things here and there. Last winter I got an awesome winter jacket for 9.99 and it was originally 59.99. Little Bear will be sporting that this winter. I love a good bargain.

    Can't wait to hear what you think of 30 day shred. I had done it a couple of years back and remember being out of breath during the warm up lol.


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