Sunday, September 2, 2012

Kick Lazy in the Badonkadonk

Today is Sunday, I promised myself I would talk about health and weight loss on Sundays but today I dreaded it because this week has been so awful.  I didn't want to tell you that I drank like 3 maybe 4 diet dr peppers! I didn't want to tell you that I probably consumed 2 bags of chips over the past week, I didn't want to tell you that I haven't worked out once, I ate Taco Bell at 930 last night, to name a few!
 I don't understand how one could have all the tools, know all the answers and still lack the power to change.  Well I do understand its call laziness and lack of self control.

I set out in December to get healthy and did great for several months, lost 40+ pounds yet for the past 5 months I have been tottering around the same 10 lbs back and forth. Grr.  Its frustrating when you know that you want to lose weight, you want to be healthy yet constantly make bad decisions.  Be it eating fast food, eating more chips, ice cream or whatever its ridiculous.  I am so tired all the time, I have absolutely no energy, which is what carbs and crap food to do me.  I have been playing around with going Paleo for months, we have tried and always end up at Braums eating ice cream or gorging on some chips.  We shop healthy and end up at Taco Bell or worse...    I truly believe that Paleo is the way for us to go and its time to stop making excuses and put plans into action.  This week I am working on making an amazing meal plan, compiling LOTS of recipes etc and come next grocery day (at the end of this week) ALL the old stuff is going out of this house and we are making way for new. 

This is so true and goes along with the old saying 'Failing to plan is like planning to fail' 
Making a plan, writing it down and keeping track.  I need serious accountability.  My hubs and I always make these lavash plans and we are both super weak.  I need someone to be on my tail and kick it.  Oh God in Heaven please send me a free personal trainer hahaha 

I have 27 days left in our Friends Biggest Loser Challenge and I plan to rock the last 27 days even more so than I did the last week!  We had one person drop out so the prize money is down to $634 but thats still $634 that I intend on working my butt off, literally, to get in this last few weeks.  

Next Sunday I am going to have something better to tell you than I suck!  Just wait and see!


  1. That's one of the best ways to start! Get rid of the crap and you won't eat it, and soon you won't even miss it. I promise! :)

  2. Losing weight is so hard! It's cool that you're in the Biggest Loser Challenge though! It sounds like some good motivation!!

  3. That challenge sounds awesome!! I am hoping to lose another 10 in the next few months. Fingers crossed! :) Good luck!

  4. My husband is eating paleo and the kids and I are {semi} I guess you could say. Eating lots of chicken (I am a self proclaimed chickeniterian). Good luck I know you can do it!

  5. My husband is eating paleo and the kids and I are {semi} I guess you could say. Eating lots of chicken (I am a self proclaimed chickeniterian). Good luck I know you can do it!

  6. Getting rid of everything is a good idea. Thats what typically works for me. If its not in the house, you wont eat it. Good luck!

  7. I so know what you're going through. I have had 5 kids in 5yrs and have the marshmallow body to prove it! I feed them such good healthy food... and yet here I am, so round that I no longer have shoulders! Grrrr. I am hauling butt to Weight Watchers on saturday (I have done this 3 times before but have always gotten pregnant and had to quit!). Hopefully this has to, my poor feet can't take it anymore! Lots of luck to you!!


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