Monday, September 17, 2012

Mommy Input Needed!

Hello beautiful ladies!  I am working on Octobers Mommy to Mommy Thursdays Questions/Topics etc.  I need your help!
What topics are you interested in reading about?  What questions would you love to hear advice from other mommies on?

This Thursday we are talking about Eating with Kiddos and next Thursday is Juggling kids and house hold

Our first Thursday in October we are talking about Babys 1st year and I still need 3 ladies to participate!

You can comment below or email me at
I am also looking for mommies to participate and answer the questions!  My goal is to have all the topics and questions ready to send out before October starts! 

You can click on the Mommy to Mommy button in the sidebar and see the past topics and how they've gone so far.  i am open to any suggestions!  Thanks loves!  Looking forward to hearing from you!!!!

Today I also got the awesome opportunity to guest post on Second Chance to Dream! Talking about Rest for Tired Mommies! Check it out!!!

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  1. oh i would love to hear baout what other moms pack in lunches. i have a hard time there with 3 kids who all like different things it becomes like constructing 3 more meals every day.

  2. Can't wait for the food one. I need some new ideas for my picky eater. Would love to know how other moms who blog find time for both. Lately I feel overwhelmed with blogging so would love some insight.

  3. I hope eating with kids can help me out! We've started on the right track with the baby but my toddler is so picky and I don't know how to fix it at this point! I'd love to participate with answering questions. (:

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