Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Coffee protein shake

This has been the easiest change for me to make!! Every week day morning I have one of these!

I make it extra yummy by adding instant coffee!

I take 1/2 tbs of instant coffee and mix with 1oz of hot water then toss in blender, add 5 oz of cold water, a packet of the mix and at least a cup of ice and blend!  Oh so yummy! 
220 calories
24g of protein 
Lots of calcium and fiber too! 

My dear girl Brittany from The Denny Buzz intoeuced me to advocare and I am in love!  These shakes are so yummy and healthy and such am easy way to have my chocolate fix in a healthy way! 

I've also made this ith adding in some frozen fruit and omg yum!!! 

Today my fitness goal is to do some Zumba!!!! 

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  1. Get your Zumba on!! I love finding something small like this that keeps me going!
    Great job Misty :)



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