Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 1 done!

Well today I started the Daniel fast... It wasn't to bad but my day did end with a horrible headache! Dang caffeine withdrawals already setting in!

For breakfast a yummy smoothie! 1 banana, some frozen strawberries and blueberries and 1/3 cup of coconut milk! It was really good!

Around 10 i started getting restless so I went out for a big ole sonic ice water! I got in the car and there was part of a left over bag of Doritos.... Mmmm I love chips! But I threw them aside and kept focused. I started a yummy veggie stew that brewed all afternoon! Tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, diced potatoes, okra, kidney beans, cauliflower, green beans... It was yummy!
Throughout the day when hungry I had a snack of some grapes, some strawberries and even a few pecans! Overall it was a great day. When making the kids dinner I just wanted to lick the bowl but I kept the goal in sight... I prayed through and am ready to face tomorrow!

Today's made to crave devotion was great and I found out there is a book! I so need to get it! But for now I'm extremely excited about the devotional plan! It really is eye opening and helping to change my life.

More important than being overweight physically is the face that I'm spiritually underweight and I'm excited to be changing both those through this process!


  1. That sounds really good. Must admit, haven't tried coconut milk but I hear it's all the rage!


  2. Daniel fast!!!!!! AHHHHHH it kills. Me and my sister did it in college and the headaches were killer. We did it to remember our friends family who had passed away and I used the pain to remind me to pray.

    Love it and good luck!

  3. Daniel Fast - as in eat only fruits and veggies & water as Daniel did in Dan:1? You know he, S, M, &A all ended up 'better nourished' in appearance - I've always taken this to mean Plumper and thus use it as my excuse not to be a vegetarian ;op Seriously though, good for you for starting a cleanse in the new year that helps turn your focus to God... I want to find something I can listen to on my Ipad while I run on the elliptical that will help in that area.

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