Friday, January 4, 2013

Life happens

I think I am officially off my hiatus! I really didnt mean to have one but as we all know life happens!  In November Benjamin turned 3, Cloee 2 and Jaxsen 1!  Then thanksgiving then a fun challenge when i had a panic half way through bc my brides maid dress was literally 4-5 inches away from closing and tried starving and hcg and other things for quick alternatives and ended up having to have my dress signigicantly altered, gaining more weight and being miserable!  Christmas with a million sets of families, stomach bugs, flus, headaches, er trips, urgent care trips and the list goes on!  Its been pure craziness!  I just wanted to take a few mins and share a few fun pics and a little of the craziness with you!
First off besides being totally mad at the fatness my body has stored on (that will be another post too) I am in the I totally hate my hair stage and why the heck did I ever cut it off!  I had a horrible experience with my last appointment (will share in another post) and just cant get to be ok with it!
Today I tried something new and I was asked 'Arent you going to fix your hair?' Haha!
  This is Jax, he is now 14 months old and a total biggie piggie!  Here he is eating a waffle! Eesh! I dont want my kids to have these bad habits lol!
 The kids all got new house shoes for christmas! Benjamin calls these his tiger feet and getting him to wear them is a serious fight! haha

 Heres our chunky monkey sleeping like a man! haha! Hes too cute!

Benjamin has been a total ham lately!  love it! He sits like this then says.. Mommy do you know what im thinking?
Followed by something totally random like 'i think you have a chicken in your eye?' lol

My princess had the stomach bug for a whole day and this is her just snuggling me she is too sweet for words!

Just a little catch up.. cant wait to get back into a serious routine!  One where things make since, where my laundry is somewhat caught up and where I can have a little down time to sit and read all the blogs I love!!!  Talk to you soon! Thanks for stopping by and reading and Im looking forward to sharing so much more with you soon!


  1. I like the new hairdo! The kiddos are too cute!
    Thank you for the recap Misty...we've missed you :)


  2. I love your hair and your kids are just adorable!!! :)

  3. I feel like I could have written this post.. From the hiatus to the stomach bug, I've had similar stuff going on. Even the haircut situation.. I looked at my homecoming pictures and thought "why the hell did I cut it..?!" You hair looks great though!! looking forward to catching up some more soon!

  4. I love the new hairdo and i've wondered where you were! Glad all is well :)Did you ever get to your goal for that dress??

  5. oh my goodness look at his arms behind his head! it's killing me!

  6. Deserved hiatus! I too have been struggling on the weight loss, 6lbs down before Christmas and I gained it all back in the past 2 weeks. Regroup,restart ;op. I always enjoy seeing you cute kiddos, and I'm another fan of the new hair!

  7. The pic of him sleeping on the couch with his hands behind his head just killed me!! So funny!! so cute!!!

  8. your hair is cute! i can't wait to see more posts

  9. Great pictures. Don't you just love the crazy little sitting/sleeping positions kids do! Such cuties. I hope little miss is feeling better. Love that name Biggie Piggie haha. Hair does what it wants to and is so frustrating. I have that unruly do what it wants thickness with frizz that fights me daily. Even though your hair is short at least it is all nice and healthy so that is one good thing at least. BTW it doesn't look bad. Have a great day.

  10. Hey! You have the cutest lil Monkeys! That was my nickname growing up! ^_^ I found your blog from the Slim by the Summer challenge! New follower and excited to get to know everyone!


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