Monday, January 28, 2013

Slim by summer!


I am beyond excited to be a part of getting slim by summer with some amazing ladies!
Brittany from the Domestic Geek and Lananya from raising Reagan and Brittany from the Denny Buzz
Have been God sends in my life! I can't even begin to tell you how much they encourage me and have provided me with amazing opportunities ton change my life! 

This week, getting slim by summer is all about fitness routines!!!
I'm in the process of getting back into it!  Today I burned 739ish calories pulling 3 toddlers around the zoo in a wagon for 2 hours!!!  With nicer weather approaching I plan to do this once per week! At least!!

My goal is to get back into Zumba! One, I love it! Two, I paid a lot for the complete system and three, its fun!  I'm hoping to maybe even incorporate my kids into it because they love to dance!!! 
Tomorrow is the last nice weather day for a week so were hitting the zoo again and my hubs has promised me we would start working out with Jillian 3 days a week!  I have heavily bribed him to help me lose weight in ways that are not appropriate to discuss (hahahah) but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! 

So Jillian 3 days, Zumba 3 days and zoo whenever it's nice!!! 

Goal weight : 160
Highest: 275 (after 3rd pregnancy in 2.5 years)
Lowest last year : 215
Current : 2freaking30

I had melt downs today at work over a bowl of herseys kisses where I'm sure I ate at least 20 but tomorrow is a new day!!! 

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  1. I'm afraid to try zumba because I'm so uncoordinated! good luck reaching your goals!

  2. Ohhh, the zoo sounds like fun! And which Jillian workout are you doing? I have been doing zumba and love it. The classes are long, so I am burning a lot of calories and having fun and hubby laughing at me, not so much fun, lol.


  3. LOL ~ I love that you bribed your husband!! That a girl :) It's OK to have moments of weakness. Just brush them off so you don't dwell on it, otherwise it will make it worse!

    Let's get our Zumba on! Reagan and I LOVE the zoo!


  4. Goodluck to your goal. You'll get there. I love zumba and Jillian's workouts. :)

  5. Hey, no shame in bribing the hubby...I do it too. I like some of Jillians workouts and do a few of them. I purchased her Cross fit system 2 years ago and I really like the cross fit bar. I like that you posted your highs and lows..I am going to have to remember to do that. I can't wait for nicer weather.


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