Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The facts of me

I ran across this fun hop today and thought it would be fun to join in and share some facts about me! 

I am obsessed with changing my hair! I always have these grand ideas and then I usually hate it and change it too often! I just need a makeover!  Right now it's oh too short, I died it black and yesterday got chop happy and whacked the crap out of my bangs!!! I don't think I will ever learn! 

I'm obsessed with days of our lives and plan my kids naps around it! Heaven knows I'd never want them to see that smut, but I truly can't get enough! I look at the spoilers all the time even follow most of the cast on twitter! I'm pathetic!  If I could take my dream trip it would involve meeting them somehow haha 

I got a part time job that I simply use as an excuse to get out of the house with out 3 toddlers in tow!

I have a deep desire to stop being a fatty but my obsessive over eating always wins out in the end! I am weak! Ugh

No matter how much I clean our house is always a crazy mess! 3 under 3 takes a serious toll on our lil house! 

I want to live in Africa some day 

I'm a sucker for boy bands! BSB all the way! Jobros too! 

My Netflix que consists of queer eye for the straight guy, cake boss, say yes to the dress, wizards of waverly place and of course Star Trek next generation! My hubs and I watch 1 episode of Star Trek every night! 

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  1. Haha ~ I used to watch Queer Eye .. that was such a fun show.
    Now I just watch Mr. Hotty himself on Chopped.


  2. I think living in Africa would be amazing!


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