Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mommy is fat and squishy! Bullied by my own kids

Yesterday was one of those crazy days with 3 toddlers!   They were into everything, making huge messes and potty training the princess is beyond exhausting! I cleaned up more pee spots and trails yesterday than anyone should ever have to do in a whole life time!  

I have been having horrible headaches for 5 weeks, had an MRI it was all clear and the diagnosis is 'tension headaches' ugh! Nothing really helps and kids fighting, screaming and being toddlers doesnt help at all! hahaha

My kids found a new game yesterday.. called lets play with mommys squishy fat! GRRRRRR
(first you gotta hit play on this video and listen while you read on...its funny, stupid and it totally goes along with my kids game...

Yesterday I was sitting on the recliner and Benjamin was sitting on the arm talking to me.  He kinda fell into my belly and said Oh Squishy!  Then he laughed and started pushing on my fat over and over saying squishy squishy squishy! I said Benjamin dont play with mommies fat! By that time Cloee had joined in.. both sitting on each side of me pushing on my fat saying squishy squishy fat!  Laughing away and having the time of their lives! 
I am total in pms mode and what did i do? I cried and sent them to play in the other room!  Later I had another cry fest, so  my sweet husband graciously sent me to the grocery store alone however Im pretty sure i cried through most of the store and people were looking at me like what the heck..
I am so frustrated!  I know my kids weren't being mean but ouch!
Tomorrow is weigh in day for Getting Fit Friday and oh im sure it isnt gonna be good and im pretty sure i was just a big ole epic fail on all of my goals!

I am a total food addict and need a serious butt kicking or something! Ugh! 
I had a mini emo binge after the grocery store and Im seriously thinking professional help is needed lol!  
Anyways for today my plan is to stick to being under my calories, make my hubs work out with me this eve and to get my house mess under control!  Right now I want to curl up and sleep my headache away but Aint Nobody Got Time for that! hahah
Seriously if you havnt heard of Sweet Brown you have got to watch this!  This lady was actualy from my state! and i love this remix! Its cute and funny!!!


  1. My 4yr old gave me a hug a few weeks ago and told me "Mommy I love you, your belly is so squishy". Blahh. I feel your pain with the kids being out of control. My 3 oldest (5,4,3) potty trained late-ish because when you have this many you just cannot chase them around. I have learned to let A TON of expectations go right out the window because unless you have multiple little ones all at once you truly have no idea. Solution... move closer to me and we can cry together? ;)

  2. One of the best and worst things about children is how honest they are. I am so proud of the fact that you are taking this as an opportunity to do bettter rather than an excuse to give up. Go you! If it helps, we host a link up (Fitness Friday) each Friday where you can link up your motivation, goals, healthy recipes, etc. Come join in and get inspired!

  3. Have you tried a chiropractor for the tension headaches? It makes mine go away! I just made a new cute button for getting fit Friday, i'l be e-mailing you in a bit!

  4. Have you tried a chiropractor for the tension headaches? It makes mine go away! I just made a new cute button for getting fit Friday, i'l be e-mailing you in a bit!

  5. It will get better Misty ... especially now that you have the support of your hubby. We are all here to support you to.
    Chiropractors are amazing for tension headaches! Definitely visit one if you can!


  6. So sorry that you have to deal with tension headaches. They are the worst.

  7. Oh my goodness. From the mouths of babes! I would use this as a chance to teach them that people come in all shapes and sizes, and the sensitivity associated with it. Maybe how words can hurt? That might be over their heads, but there must be some way to explain to them that your feelings were hurt instead of ignoring it. YOU GOT THIS though, hun! Sometimes there are bad weeks, and you definitely have your plate FULL! Don't be so hard on yourself and make today better (food wise). When I feel like binging I try to binge on healthier snacks. Larabars, fruit, something that requires work like veggies or oranges? Good luck!

  8. Oh: PS- "Ain't Nobody Got Time FOr That" was HYSTERICAL! I think I need that in my iTunes!

  9. I can still remember my weight crying day. Not fun, but I did begin that journey to lose those sixty pounds that day. I've kept my weight within 10 pounds of the ideal number for over ten years now. You can do it!


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