Friday, January 25, 2013

Getting Fit Friday Link Up

Getting Fit Friday
Hi Lovely Friends!  I am so excited for this week’s Getting Fit Friday because I have made some AMAZING connections this week!!!
If you havent joined in yet, this link up is all about support and encouragement!  Brittany from the Domestic Geek and I started this in effort to get things going right for this new year!
The plan is that each week we’ll check in with you on how we’re doing with weight loss, exercise, and healthy eating habits. We’ll also set goals, both long and short term. We do this because it’s so easy to be discouraged if you’re far away from the long-term goals, but setting little goals each week and being able to accomplish them feels great and helps you reach your long-term goal. You can share as much or as little as you like, I know not everyone wants to post their weight online. 
BTW I did get gutsy and I actually posted my weight in my post called
My Losing Battle 
I really hesitated on doing so but I realized I am doing horrible, I need a wake up call and its time to get honest and get going!
We'd love for you to link up your health and fitness posts! Recipes, plans, goals, successes, challenges... etc!  This isnt a linky about gaining followers but its about gaining friends, gaining support and doing it together!  You never know how much your story can help someone else!
The rules are simple :)
1. Follow BOTH TheDomestic Geek and Monkeys and Tutus blogs.
2. Grab a button from my sidebar on the left, and/or link to one of the hosts within your post.
3. Link up your getting healthy posts!
4. Stop on over to other bloggers and give some kind words of encouragement! A little goes a long way!

I also have to tell you that I am a part of this amazing group of UNBELIEBABLE SUPPORTIVE WOMEN started by Raising Regan & Geek Can Be Chic  I totally suggest you check it out and be a part!


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  1. Posting your weight is scary as can be... I seriously freak out about it every time, though I'm starting to get used to it. It's such a big number... But I figure posting it keeps me accountable, and someday when I hit that goal weight my followers and friends can look back and really be amazed at how well I did. I also don't want to feel afraid of things like that anymore... Transparency. :) I'm going to check out your other post! Thanks for hosting!

  2. Thanks for the link-up Misty and happy to be doing this with you :) :)

  3. I am still SO proud of you for posting your weight loss battle for the world to see. You are so brave! I linked up and very happy to be joining you!!

    So excited for Monday's weigh in!


  4. I have given up on trying to hide my weight problem. You should be proud to have posted it as well. I'm stopping by from Slim by the Summer... good luck on the weigh in!



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