Friday, January 4, 2013

Fit Friday Link Up

I am so excited to to be teaming up with my friend Brittany from 
The Domestic Geek 
and starting a fun new link up called Fit Friday Link Up!

With the Holiday goodies behind us and fresh New Year’s resolutions we’re vowing to keep, we thought it would be a great time to launch a little extra motivation for getting fit. Each week we’ll check in with you on how we’re doing with weight loss, exercise, and healthy eating habits. We’ll also set goals, both long and short term. We do this because it’s so easy to be discouraged if you’re far away from the long-term goals, but setting little goals each week and being able to accomplish them feels great and helps you reach your long-term goal.

The past 2 months have been awful for me health wise!!!  I started a 24 day challenge which I loved and want to redo bc I got sick then the kids were sick and with the holidays everything has been a bust! I have gained weight and eaten junk and feel like crap as a result of all the junk I've eaten!!! I'm so glad it's time for a new beginning!!! This next my goal is to have no sugar or soda! Next week I will get more into my long and short term goals nut to start off I am challenging myself to simply get up those 2 things that I know affect me the most.

We would love if you linked up so we could all support each other in a journey to get healthy, whether you need to lose weight, maintain weight, or just have a healthier lifestyle. 

 Here are the link up rules:

1. Follow BOTH The Domestic Geek and Monkeys and Tutus blogs.
2. Grab a button from my sidebar on the left, and/or link to one of the hosts within your post.
3. Link up, and tell us what you wish to accomplish and what goals you’ve reached.
4. Stop on over to other bloggers and give some kind words of encouragement! A little goes a long way!

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