Thursday, January 24, 2013


I love my friends but some days I just wish I had a friend on a different level... This isn't meant to be whiney.... But I kinda feel whiney and blah right now hahaha! But this has been on my heart for a long time!!!

I have a lot of great people in my life who I know are there no matter what. Distance, time, busyness of life... None of that matters I know they are only a call or a text or a fb message away. I have those amazing rocks i know will do anything to help, pray or whatever they can and I have a great blogging community of friends that support and encourage me in ways i cant imagine and I cherish them dearly but sometimes I just wish I had actual friends who were in the same stage of life as me, ones we could go on play dates with, go out for coffee with or even just one to kick my butt in the right way. A girl pal to sit back and sip coffee while our kids run a muck....

Today at the play place I looked around at the 3 diff groups of moms with their friends and how they were all just chatting about life while their kids played... It made me a lil jealous and a little sad... I begged my mom and dad to go with me so I could at least have some adult companionship while we were there! Haha
I can't tell you how many times I've called and wanted my mom or dad to come 'play with the kids' simply bc I'm lonely! Lol you'd think my poor hubs worked a million hours a day but he doesn't and when he comes home life is good I just want some people in our lives that we can just do life with!

My kids don't have friends other than my parents lol... I want them to have other kids we see often and play with just like I long to have those women around me who can share advice, fun etc... Someone for my hubs to go to a game with or have couple dates...

This is worse than dating lol! It's like wanting a to have a boyfriend haha but it's just companionship....
I get tired of doing the same things day in and day out.... I want to go out and go places during the day with the kids but 3 under 3 alone isn't always fun... And part of me thinks people don't want to hang out with the crazy lady who has 3 toddlers! Lol

That's my sad heart felt sob story for the day.... Lol I'm done now! Ha


  1. I completely understand. I am pretty blessed to have met a great friend at a parenting class who ended up moving a mile away from me when our boys were a year old.
    Have you looked into any Moms Clubs in your area? I joined mine about a year ago. They plan a play date every day of the week either at a public place or one of the moms hosting a play date. It is great for the kids and me.
    Being a mom is very isolating and lonely at time. Toddlers are not the best conversationalists to say the least.

  2. I don't have kids yet but I know how hard it is to make new friends. I hate it and wish that friends just appeared and you didn't have to go through the awkward meeting part lol.

  3. I am SO completely with you! When I got pregnant, almost all my friends ditched me, and being naturally shy, I find it really hard to make new friends. I don't have any Mom friends in my area, all my Mom friends are fellow blogger Moms. I got a little lucky though, because one of my online Mom bloggers turned out to live in a neighboring city so we actually got to meet and now she's moving here soon.. but still!

    My daughter started preschool in September and I made it a goal to make friends with some other Moms, but I've been talking to a toddler for so long that now I feel awkward talking to other adults! I guess it doesn't help that I'm the youngest Mom there, so I automatically feel outcasted..

    On that note, I'm hereby applying for the position of Your Newest Blogger Mom Friend :)

  4. I met my best friend when my then 3 yr old started preschool with her daughter! so when they start school you will probably meet people. I do second the moms' club or meetup group suggestion as well.

  5. I'm in the exact same boat as you, only I have two under two. I thought it would be easy to make friends when we moved over here to Japan since we would be living in a military community. I figured all the other wives would feel the sane way and it would just happen naturally. That didn't end up being the case at all. Instead it's just the babies and me all day until the husband comes home. I'm hoping that will change once we move back to the states at the end of the summer

  6. Me too me too!! It's so hard for me to take the kids anywhere that "normal" moms would go because I just have too many to keep after. That makes regular mom groups and play dates totally impossible. I have a close friend (the come over in your sweatpants type) but she's a half hour away so that's not always possible either. I desperately want a next door neighbor who will just grab her kids and walk over. Who won't care about my mess and whos hair looks just as messy as mine!!

  7. Since we moved back to California Reagan and I lost all of our mom play groups. It's hard. Even though we are closer to family we are still far enough away that we can't be with them regularly.
    We are in that same boat so a lot of times its just me and Reagan and it makes for a LONG week sometimes.

    When I first had Reagan I was very insecure about approaching moms but I had to get over it and I just started talking to people. Walking up and introducing myself. Just go for it!



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