Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lets talk about .... baby!

Yeah so I totally had that song in my head buy what I really wanted to say was....

If this video doesnt start you gotta hit play for your  listening pleasure while you read hahaha

I wanna talk about hair!
There are good hair days and bad ones.. mostly bad ones! this pic with the bird on my head proves what my hair normally looks like! The others are just lucky shots! 
This is the current hair... and i have a story to tell!....

Naturally a dark blonde but I change it often.. I am not usually one to write bad reviews and i debated on writing the bad review or not but since they never had the courtesy to even attempt to make it right im gonna tell you the story!  

I love my current hair lady! Shes great! But in November at the OK blogger meet up I won a $50 GC to Schardein and Co in OKC
I knew I didn't need a cut but I did  need a color before my best friends wedding... Normally I spend around $80-90 for a cut and color (not including tip)  I knew this particular place was a little pricier than normal so i figured my $50 wouldn't cover my whole hair color but should be fairly close!

I go in and the girl is so super nice! the place is super nice!  She asks how i heard about her and I told her i won a gift certificate at the blogger event! She was excited and we started talking about blogging!  I loved her! I thought, man i am so coming back! The experience was fun and nice!  I told her I only wanted a color i didnt need anything else.  I had just had a treatment and a cut a week ago... well she did the color and when she was washing my hair out she said she was doing a glaze and some other treatments no explanation really i just figured it was part of the deal... 
Anyways she finished the color, it was fantastic, she dried and styled and took me to the counter.  She told the lady I was a VIP? and made out the ticket.  When i pulled out my gift card (which i told her i had) she said OH NO i thought you won the VIP treatment.. NEVER did i say that and they gave away 1 vip treatment and 5 gcs at the event...
So then she said let me tell you how our pricing works...
Since this is your first color here instead of being the normal $60 it is $90 bc we do more.. first of all the only thing i had done was an ALLLLL OVER COLOR with 5 lil foils in the front and i have had my hair colored many of times before... also since she 'thought' i was a VIP she gave me a whole array of color treatments that i didnt ask for or need!  Long story short my entire price was almost $150! WTH!  I was in shock and almost in tears!  It was the week before Christmas and i didnt have an extra $100 to spend on my freaking hair!
I paid it and i left crying... after i gained my composure i called them.. explained that I shouldnt have been charged for the vip bc i didnt ask for the vip nor did i ever say i had a vip card i just said i wanted a plain color...
they said their manager would call me back... 3 days passed and she didnt... i called again.. then another 2 days and she called me while i was at work on the phone.. i called her back with in 3 minutes, they put me on hold for 10 mins then told me she was gone for the day.. 
I have tried to call her several other times and no one ever called me back.. I finally gave up...
the color i have now is box color from walmart that cost me 6.98 and has lasted over 4!  
So my review for is you may be a upscale and cool but your customer service sucks!  You are a rip off and I had hoped to give you a great review!
The stylist was sweet and did a good job, however she should never have given me those treatments i should have contested and not paid but i just got screwed! 

Anyways these are older pics of me from last year and i want my long hair back lol!    and a silly lil video for your enjoyment hahah! 


  1. Wow that is absolutely awful!! I had a similar experience at a salon in NC a few years ago. I wanted one color and without telling me they were mixing and doing all this fancy stuff. Ugh! So sorry you had to deal with all of that!

  2. OMG! How awful! So sorry about your crappy experience. It's been quite a while since I've dyed my hair, but I usually stick to the box stuff so that I'm not pissed at someone else for robbing me and giving me something I don't like.

  3. That sucks ... that would have made me SO mad...Ugh!



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